How Much World Do You Have Left To Travel? TTT #69

If you’ve ever doubted how massive the world is and how much you have left to travel, you can now get a visual.

My World Travel Map

Matador Network has developed this nifty map tool that allows you to color all the countries you have visited.

So Much World, So Little Time

I’m energized by the gray space on my map.  It appears that I’m just getting started on my travel journey, huh?

While I am tempted to push myself to see more of the world, I know that fast travel doesn’t equal better travel.

Fast travelers see a place, but how much do they really experience?  Slower travel gives you more time to immerse yourself in your surroundings, get lost and create truly memorable experiences.

You find much more when you’re not looking for it than you would running back and forth to tourist traps.  By focusing on quality over quantity, travel moments will always leave you richer than before.

Where Have You Been?

Are you ready to make your own map and plan the places you’ll color in 2015?

Check it out here.  Once you’re done, come back and share your map in the comments below!
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I am constantly motivated by the beauty of the world around me.  If you want inspiration, follow me on Pinterest, where I share stunning pictures from across the globe on my Wanderlust Board.  See you out there!
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How To Find The Perfect Travel Group And Skyrocket Your Travel

Large View of Find The Perfect Travel Group

Two years ago, I sternly told the Universe that I wanted more travel.

Of the many things that lead to a skyrocket in my travel, joining a travel group gave me the biggest boost.

Find your perfect travel group and enjoy unprecedented increases in your travel opportunities.

A Travel Group Will Skyrocket Your Travel

Think about the five people you hang around most often.  Do these people travel?

If your favorite five aren’t traveling, chances are that you’re not traveling either.

This is because we are the average of the five people that we hang with most often.

Marketers have long understood the importance of “word of mouth” advertising.  We trust the advice of our families and friends and use it to influence our behavior.

This includes travel behavior. Continue reading…

The Dark Truth Behind The Johannesburg Lion Park TTT #68

Last month I made friends with lion cubs at the Johannesburg Lion Park. In a few years, these lions will be sold to hunters and shot as trophies. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions These lion cubs are bred in captivity and when they are too big to pet, they are sold. Some go […]

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Five Lessons Learned As An Introvert Living On A Train

There is something to be said about a person who takes a cool idea and brings it to life. Like a rocketship to outer space or a computer network that links the world.  Or maybe a leadership training that takes place on a train as it goes across the United States. The Train Will Leave […]

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