Discover Your Passions All Over The Globe #TTT 65

As a travel blogger, I’ll be the first to say that travel blogs can stifle creativity in new travelers.

Why is this?

Because as bloggers, we try to share information that people want.  And people are looking for those “top ten” places, attractions, and events.

But what about the information new travelers don’t know they want?

It’s out there.

And travelers can find it if they look beyond what’s popular and focus on what they are passionate about.  That’s the purpose of our new travel planning guide.

Large View of Awe Inclusive Travel Planning GuideThe Awe Inclusive Travel Planning Guide is the first step to ditching cookie-cutter vacations and creating trips that leave you in awe.

It has taken me years to get this method just right, and it has elevated my trips beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.

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Johannesburg: An Entrepreneur Paradise

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, Johannesburg is paradise.

This city is all about taking a little and making a lot.

Every day I interacted with people who were hustling to gain customers through a limitless variety of services and products.

I was inspired to see so many people using their talents and following their passions to grind out a living.  This inspiration carried over to my daily activities and motivated me to push against my comfort zone on numerous occasions.

Read on for noteworthy points about Johannesburg and the reason this city will always occupy a place in my heart.

Large View of Curiocity Backpackers in Johannesburg, South Africa

Curiocity Backpackers

This hostel speaks to the gutsy spirit of Johannesburg.  The owner is an entrepreneur named Bheki, who at 22 years old has built a creative haven for travelers of all types.  Click to hear his story.

You want to support this place, because unlike the big chains where you’re a room number, at Curiocity you constantly interact with the owner, the employees and other travelers.  After a few days, strangers become family and connections are easy. 

Plus, Curiocity has an outdoor pool, bar, and arranged activities. Continue reading…

Why The Media Needs To Take A Flight TTT #64

Am I the only one tired of the uninformed, apathetic, fear mongering media? Everyone working in media should be required to have at least seven passport stamps.  And throw in that they must have at least five friends living in other countries. Can you imagine how differently news stories on Ebola would sound if anchors had […]

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Why I Adore Cape Town and You Will Too

There are few places where you feel welcome as soon as you exit the airport. Cape Town is one of those places. Cape Town wrapped its arms around me in a loving embrace as soon as I’d taken in a lungful of its air. I was participating in my second trip with the Nomadness Travel […]

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