If All Your Friends Jump Off the Golden Gate Bridge, Will You?

It’s a question that has frustrated children for ages.

And the answer is “yes.”

If all your friends jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, your chances of jumping are exponentially higher.

That’s why it’s important to choose your friends wisely.  How important you ask?

Large View of Friends Jump Off The Golden Gate Bridge

Chances are you’ll jump too.


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{Insert Clever Title Here} TTT #57


Did you know that the title of an article influences its popularity?

Outstanding content is never read if you aren’t drawn into a title and tempted to continue reading.  The better a title, the more interest it attracts.

Sadly, this rule holds true for people who travel.

Tourist, Backpacker, Explorer, Cruiser, Foodie, Adventurer

What comes to mind when you hear “backpacker”?  Can you see how they are dressed, where they might travel?

Titles are helpful when you have limited time to make a decision or assessment.

Yet, titles only tell a part of the story.  They lead to assumptions and cause us to ignore what’s unique about the individual.

Be careful in the titles you give yourself and others.  They are limited.

And your only limitations, are the ones you accept.


This post is part of the Awe Inclusive Travel Tip Tuesday (TTT) Series, which teaches travelers how to have better travel experiences. Come back next week for a new travel tip or have your tip sent directly to your inbox!

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