Travel Ideas That Are Ridiculous For The Average Person


[ahy-dee-uh, ahy-deeuh]


1. any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness or activity

2. a thought, conception, or notion

3. an impression

4. an opinion, view, or belief

5. a plan of action; an intention

 The travel community has plenty of them.  Here are a few travel ideas that I find absolutely ridiculous for the average person.

The Best Way To Learn A Language Is Immersion

Why This Makes Sense

In high school, I spent an hour each day learning French.  By the third year, I could have secret, French conversations with my Bestie during lunch.

Yet, a French three year old would have conversed me under the table.

Immersion gives you a 24/7 learning environment.  Survival is dependent on knowing the language and you’re able to pick it up quickly from consistent use.

Why This Is Ridiculous

I can’t think of a handful of people on my Facebook friend list that would schedule a vacation long enough for immersion to actually work.  And a quarter of my friends are international travelers!

A Better Option

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Travel Without Fear? TTT #59

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All Good Things TTT #58

  Last week my Buddy Pass expired. As the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.” This week, I’ve been eyeing my airline friends – I’m not interested in using the same airline as before – to see who’s willing to sponsor another year of my travels. I’ve also expanded my efforts to […]

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