Add This Travel Show To Your Watch List TTT #62

Large View of Anthony Bourdain

What’s your favorite television show?

Surely you have one.

I have four; and since I don’t have cable, I binge on entire seasons using Showbox – until that pesky sense of responsibility kicks in.

Happiness comes from a balanced life that matches your future goals. So, for each hour I spend entertaining myself, I spend an hour or more educating myself.

Recently, I discovered Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown“, which I immediately added as a travel show to watch religiously.

Luckily, this series is entertaining and educational. The perfect combination.

If you’ve been hiding under the rock next to me and haven’t seen an episode, check it out.  You’ll be happy that you did.

You Can Be A Travel Superstar And I Will Show You How

Large View of Beyonce Travel Superstar

Superstars have certain qualities that lift them high above the rest of us and give them the platform they need to shine.

Here are the must-haves to set your Travel Superstar free a la Beyoncé – one of my fav Superstars.

Your Entourage

First things, first.  Who’s on your travel team?

These people keep your mind full of wanderlust and your schedule full of trips.  They share flight deals, local connections and expert opinions. 

Everyone who wants to reach travel stardom needs a few people in their corner to help them get there.

Beyoncé chose her team from among family – her Dad was her first manager, her Mom designed her clothing, and most recently, her Sister took the role of Bodyguard.

In the beginning, you must seek out members for your team.  As your fame grows, these people will pursue you in droves.

You Stand Alone

A Superstar knows when it’s time to go it alone.

The Destiny’s Child split broke hearts and stunted careers, but Beyoncé realized that it was time to break free.  And her first solo album solidified her future as a Superstar.

Are you able to go solo?

Our time in this world is finite, while the wonders of the Universe are infinite.

You’ll never be able to experience it all, so why spend another minute waiting on someone else?

Plan you trip based on your wants and if anyone wants to tag along, Priceline will be waiting for them.

You Are Ready

You won’t catch a Star off guard.  No matter the situation, they shine while doing what they love best.

Do you remember when Beyoncé’s hair got caught in an electric fan during her performance in Montreal?  Quean Bey kept singing her hit song “Halo” during the entire devilish ordeal.

Travel superstars aren’t flustered by a last minute invitation or change of plans.

Do you know when your passport expires or how much is in your travel savings account?  Being ready at all times separates the amateurs from the professionals.

You Forge Your Path

Superstars shake things up.  From Beyonce’s secret album to Lady Gaga’s meat dress.  We can’t get enough of their surprises.

They are marching to their own drumbeat and experience parts of the world that regular travelers never see.

Their stories start with, “One time in Indonesia…” and they leave you wanting more.

The world is truly their oyster – and they eat their oysters with hot sauce.

Your Substance

It’s easy to get blinded by the glitz and bling, but beneath the most successful Star, is a strong foundation.  They are hard workers, who are passionate about what they do and they want to share their gifts with others.

Beyoncé donates to dozens of charities and causes, and she is a good role model for many young people – even the Obama girls!

What you do when the spotlight goes off is the ultimate test of character.

And as a Travel Superstar, you have a responsibility to share your travel knowledge with others and encourage them to try something new.

Anyone can rise to Superstardom; there is enough room in the sky for everyone.  Perfect these qualities and you’ll be there before you know it.

Don’t forget me when you’re at the top!

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