6 Ways To Be A Better Resident Tourist

Resident Tourist White House


A month ago I made a pledge to become a better resident tourist, and I’m doing pretty good learning and exploring this city.

There are times when my evil side will attempt to procrastinate by saying, “Hey, you live here.  You can go anytime”.  To combat this, my angelic side has come up with a few tricks to help me stay focused and ensure that I don’t let my life get in the way of living.

Buy Tickets in Advance

This is one of the best ways to ensure that I’ll follow through and visit an attraction or attend an event.  Purchasing tickets in advance pretty much obligates me to attend.  Unless there is an emergency, I’m not going to let the money go to waste.

Use a Calendar

Goal-setting professionals will tell you that there is something magical about writing down your plans.

If you are able to visualize your plans, you’re more inclined to see the benefits and follow through.  It also helps with keeping up with your accomplishments.  Using a calendar makes your resident tourist journey official.

Ask a Friend to Meet you at a Location

Get your friends onboard.  Ask them to meet you at the location that you’re interested in touring.  Company makes it more fun and you get to hear another perspective or opinion about the attraction.  Plus, it’s much easier to bail on yourself, than it is to bail on someone else.

Tell a Kid that You’re Taking them Out

We all know that you can’t back out on a kid!  They never forget and their temper tantrums are just plain scary.  You’ll have no choice, but to keep your obligation for this outing!  Plus, their excitement is sure to boost yours.

Share Your Plans and Follow-Up

There are numerous online sites, including www.dayzeroproject.com that allow you to post goals online and gives you a set time to complete them.  On your social networks, forums, and/or website, tell your community your plans and promise that you’ll let them know how it goes.

Tell anyone who will listen about your goals.  This adds accountability.  You’ll need to have something to tell them when they ask and knowing that someone else is expecting follow-up from you is sure to motivate you to get out there.

Use a Reward System

Once a goal is complete reward yourself.  The reward should be personal and planned in advance.  For example, when I visit a location, I reward myself with a guilt-free stop for sweets or a sleep in day.  It should be something that you like to do, but don’t do often.  You can also opt to add a dollar to a jar or special account to use for spending on an item of your choice.  These little rewards motivate me to accomplish my goals.

Although we all have lots of great aspirations and plans, there are times when we just need a little extra push to get out of the door.  These tips will help you get the boost that you need and stay motivated.



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