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This site will inspire you to create your best travel experiences with the resources you have  right at this moment.  Awe Inclusive is about turning your back to the Joneses (no one likes them anyway) and realizing that frequent flier miles and passport stamps don’t determine your traveler status!

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There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t get a question about how I’m able to travel so much, with such a limited budget.  Anyone can travel a lot, but sometimes we make mistakes that keep us from traveling as often as we would like.

Don’t worry about it.  We’ve all played the fool.  Luckily, Socrates created the internet so that we could find enlightenment!  There are seven foolish travel mistakes that used to hinder my travels.  To travel more, avoid them!

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Awe Inclusive was founded in 2011 by Michaela Hall.  Michaela is a writer who loves to travel, or a traveler who loves to write.  She hasn’t quite figured it out!

What she has figured out is the way to have better trips than she’s ever imagined.  Her desire to share her experiences to help others motivated her to create Awe Inclusive.

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