My Dream Life


I need travel like I need air.

Air is free.  Unfortunately, travel is not.

In a perfect world, I would get paid to travel.  This blog is the closest thing to a perfect world.

Enter the FTC: “So what are you saying, Michaela?”

Every time you visit my site, you help me get closer to my travel dreams.  And my goal is to help you get closer to yours.

Here are a few ways you help me earn more money to travel:

  • Buying cool travel items from the Amazon links I share in my posts.
  • Visiting my site weekly, so advertisers use my blog to share awesome vacation packages, travel apps, travel gear, etc. they have to offer.
  • Participating in contests so travel companies offer us more free goodies.
  • Checking out the ads in my content and sidebar.
  • Any other creative way to earn more money to live my dream life!

Now that we are working to create a more perfect world, where people are paid to do what they love, check out this post I wrote to show you how to make money and travel.

Thank you and see you out there!

photo © by David