Alternative Vacations For The Aviophobic Traveler


[ey-vee-uh-foh-bee-uh, av-ee-]


1.fear of flying in an airplane or other aircraft.

As a self-proclaimed lover of thesauruses, I’m always excited to learn new words. And I hope you’re sharing my enthusiasm for this fun, sophisticated addition to the vocab. Especially because it’s not one of those fancy words you’d have trouble using.

In fact, there are tons of people with some degree of aviophobia.

Wanderlust is a common affliction in today’s society. New technology and social media have opened people’s eyes to the wonders that traveling has to offer. Unfortunately, that strong desire to travel is often matched by a resistance to traveling by plane. If this sounds like you, fear not.

Below are some fantastic ways to travel the world and meet new people, all while staying firmly at ground level.

Alternative Vacations For The Aviophobic Traveler | Wanderlust is common. Unfortunately, a strong desire to travel is often matched by fear. Here are fantastic ways to travel, while staying at ground level. via @aweinclusive #Travel


Perhaps the most popular way to experience the wonders of the world without setting foot in an airport is taking a cruise.

Cruises offer supreme luxury, quality entertainment, and guided access to some of the most breathtaking and beautiful countries in the world.

Cruises around the tropics are always popular. However, if you are more of a cold weather lover, maybe one of the many amazing Alaskan cruises might be more up your street. A good cruise can be quite pricey, but the experience that they offer is well worth the up-front cost. You may even make some life-long friends during your voyage.


Hugely popular with European students, traveling by rail is the quintessential backpacking trip. Plan your route, pack your bag (make sure to keep it as light as possible) and jump on a train.

The entirety of Europe is your oyster, and you can see it all on a shoestring budget.

Travelling around the big cities in western Europe can be a little pricey, but head into central Europe and there is a mass of culturally rich cities that are not too hard on the wallet. Do your research, and you might be surprised what countries come out on the top list of interrailing destinations.

There are many hidden gems out there, so don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten track of typical tourist spots. Many countries are keen to grow into popular tourist spots and are very accommodating as a result.

Road Trip

If you are looking for flexibility and time constraints are practically non-existent, then with only the cost of petrol and food stops to consider, you can jump in your car and head for the wide open road.

With the help of a few ferries and the Eurostar, you can travel pretty far around Europe and the UK. If you are in the US, then you have some of the richest road trip heritage at your disposal. Get yourself something convertible, with a big V8 under the hood, and head for the horizon.

You don’t even need to know where you are heading, just see where you end up on your four-wheeled adventure. Pack the trunk with a few essentials, and you can even make do without a proper hotel for a few nights by hiking and camping along the road.

Having a fear of flying doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in the same place forever. With a bit of ingenuity and planning, you can still see the world and meet new people.

In fact, some might say that traveling without the use of air travel might be a much more rewarding experience. So grab that passport, pack that bag, and get ready to travel to your heart’s content.