Discover Your Roots With An DNA Kit

Fifty years from now, your grandchildren will look on Facebook and know everything about you.  What you ate for breakfast, who you dated before their grandfather, what you hated most about your job.

Too bad our ancestors didn’t leave such detailed narratives!

People spend countless time researching their ancestry and putting together the pieces. makes the search and documentation easier.



After creating an account, you can add the names and pictures of your family to an online family tree using the information stored in Facebook.

After completing a few levels of my family tree, I was surprised at “hints” letting me know that had access to files about my Grandmother.

I was excited for the results of my DNA test and couldn’t wait to get my results.  If you’re interested in starting your own journey to discover your ancestors, the process is uber easy.  Here’s a quick step by step of the DNA kit.



The process is super easy.  Don’t eat, drink or smoke for thirty minutes before starting the test.

1. Fill the tube with saliva.  There’s a line marked on the tube to let you know how much you’ll need.  Don’t overfill the tube!

Large View of Filling DNA Kit Sample Tube
Here’s the start of the journey to find my ancestry.

2. Close the funnel lid.  You’ll hear a clicking sound and a solution will be released into the tube.

Large View of Closing DNA Kit Funnel Lid
Closing the lid releases stabilizing fluid.

3. Unscrew the funnel lid from the tube.  Replace it with the small cap.  Twist it on tightly.

Large View of Replace Funnel Top With Small Lid Cap
Replace the funnel with this lid.

4. Shake the tube for five seconds.  Then put the tube in the storage bag and seal it.

Large View Seal DNA Kit In Bag
Sealing DNA test in bag for shipping.

5. Put your sample into the mailing envelope and drop it in the mail.  I didn’t even have to provide the stamp!

Large View Mailing off DNA Kit
And I didn’t have to pay postage!

6. Now’s the hard part.  Waiting for results!


Benefits of Using the DNA Kit offers tons of information to guide your ancestry search.

The DNA kit results provide users with a picture of their unique genetic make-up.

I found out that I’m 88% West African and 12% unknown.  As more folks complete DNA profiles, test results will become more detailed.  Using your genetic information, is able to match you with relatives who’ve also taken the test.  You can review their family tree and send them a message. makes it easier to connect with your past and brighten your future with others who share your heritage.

_______________________________________________________ provided me with a promotional DNA kit.  Trace your roots and start a journey of self discovery today.  Get your kit at

  • Wow! So very true!

    • Hey Rubella! Have you started researching your ancestry? I’m surprised by everything I’m learning!

  • meandmypassport

    What made you choose the DNA kit over others? I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile.

    • I felt really comfortable using because they have an established platform for researching your ancestors. You can put in a family member’s name and birth/death date and it pulls up historical documents about them. I thought this was amazing!

      The DNA kits are a newer product, but with so many people already using I figured their database would grow quickly. Plus, connects me with people I’m related to based on the DNA results! It’s weird and cool at the same time!

      No matter who you choose, a DNA kit is a great way to start your genealogical research. It’s an exciting process.