Are You a Traveler or a Tourist? 20 Ways to Know For Sure

Ever wanted to know if you really deserved the title of traveler?  Look no further!

You can call yourself a traveler if:

  Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson

1.  You are Facebook friends with someone you met in another country.
2.  You have a funny/scary/weird personal story about TSA!
3.  You’ve met someone on a trip, and spent the rest of the day hanging out with them.
4.  Getting lost is an unexpected adventure.
5.  You complain about prices compared to other countries saying, “A loaf of bread in Spain only cost me…”

6.  You can ask for the restroom in at least 3 languages.
7.  Without Googling, you know how long a passport is valid.
8.  You’ve taken a solo trip.
9.  Hotels are your last resort for lodging.
10.  You’ve taken at least 1 travel virginity.

11.  You know if your luggage is within the weight guidelines by picking it up.
12.  You find foreign currency in drawers, purses and suitcases.
13.  Your Facebook or Twitter profile picture was taken in another country.
14.  It sucks when you go back home and lose your “accent”.
15.  You’ve slept in an airport, or at least tried to.

16.  You’ve fallen in love abroad.
17.  You can naviagate your favorite airport blindfolded.
18.  Next trips are planned, while you’re still traveling.
19.  You’ve given other people directions in a country you’re visiting.
20.  You discuss travel plans using airport codes.

If you can’t answer yes to at least 10 of these questions, I’m sad to inform you that you’re a tourist.

Why don’t you want to be a tourist?

Tourists have bad reps.  They miss out on many of the great things about a destination because they are too busy being tourists.

You know, following the crowds and going to those expensive, over rated attractions.

If you couldn’t say yes to at least 10 of my questions, you’ll need to stop acting like a tourist and use these tips to become a traveler.

P.S. It’s OK to behave like a tourist and snap pictures of cultural cliches or visit some 2nd rate attractions – just don’t forget to get out and explore!

Any more ways to tell that you’re a tried and true traveler?  Add them below!

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  • Martice Sutton

    #5 had me in tears lol! I do that all the time esp because I just came from India where everything was $1 so I’ve been adjusting…I almost died when I bought 2 tomatoes, 2peppers, and 1 baby onion in D.C. and it cost $8.10. I immediately went to ” WHAT?! In India ….” lol

    • Ha! Living in DC will test your ability to live frugally! Makes you wanna start gardening, huh?!

  • Excellent, I’m definitely a traveler 😉

    • Hey Angela! Welcome to the club! 🙂

  • haha i am so a traveler! great article…. 🙂 – from YEG haha! 

    • Thanks! I had tons of fun writing that article and remembering some of the crazy things that I’ve done while traveling. Great memories!!

  • So I’m clearly a tourist…ha! Wokring my way to traveler though 😉

    • Yes! If my psychic intuition is correct, I see “traveler” status in your very near future. 🙂