Step Into the Pages of a History Book on Your Next Trip to Italy

Once upon a time, not too long ago, notable citizens walked cobbled streets wearing crisp white togas. Perhaps they hurried to the coliseum to cheer for a gladiator. Or maybe they headed to a public bath for a round of intellectual discourse. When standing in Italian cities, one can still imagine these images as if Read More

Simple Safeguards to Keep Your Dream Trip From Turning into a Nightmare

Have you ever had a negative comment take the wind out of your sails? This happened to me before a vacation to South Africa. The trip was scheduled during the west African ebola outbreak and, as usual, the most ill-informed people were the most vocal. So the weeks leading up to my trip were full Read More

No Nonsense Tips To Plan Your Vacation In Time And Avoid Travel Day Stress

Stress is often an unwelcome travel day visitor.¬† It creeps in quietly compelling you to double check for your passport, jiggle the door handle one last time and repeatedly eye the clock as you drive towards the airport. Then you’re waiting in line after line, going through invasive security patdowns, and hoping that the delay Read More

A Super Simple Way to Come Up With 101 Things to Do While on Travel

When I first started traveling, it shocked me to hear other travelers say they’d grown tired of traveling. With the abundance of wanderlust flowing through my veins, I couldn’t imagine¬†getting tired of traveling. Until I did. And I can say without hesitation that the people who are tired of traveling are traveling the wrong way. Read More