Hipmunk’s Guide to Landing the Lowest Summer Airfare

You’ll want to pay close attention to this article. Not only does it show you some tips to landing an awesome flight when the weather heats up, but it also gives you valuable insider’s knowledge. I found this article, but I can’t take the credit for writing it. It was originally published on the Tailwind Read More

The Insider’s Guide to Conquering Comic Con

This awesome article was published April 13, 2016 on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog by The Hipmunk. I hope it comes in handy on your trip! Another year, another multitude of Comic Cons to attend. Whether you’re hitting up the mother of all Cons in San Diego, cosplaying in NYC, or attending a smaller Comic Con in Grand Rapids or Amarillo, the following strategies Read More

Quirky New Architecture to Add to Your Travel List

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How to Visit Cuba on a Budget

Unless you’ve been trekking through the Himalayas without connection to the outside world, you’ve seen the fervor over the relaxed rules for visiting Cuba. This vibrant country has been out of reach for most Americans, until recently. And now that it’s legal to explore this alluring island country, it’s at the top of every travelers Read More