Resident Tourist — Quest For The Best Cupcake In Georgetown

Besides traveling, I’ve embarked on several inner journeys of improvement.

Most recently, I’ve focused on health by changing some of my bad dietary habits.

As a reward for sticking to these healthy changes, I allow myself one cheat day every two weeks where I’m allowed to indulge myself to my hearts desire.

This past cheat day, I decided to embark on a quest to find Georgetown’s best cupcake.

Large View of Best Cupcake Georgetown
Hmm…how about one of each?

I had three stops on the to-try list: Sprinkles, Baked & Wired and Georgetown Cupcakes.  Find out who won the title and the keys to my heart!


3015 M Street, NW | Washington, DC 20007 | 202-450-1610

This self proclaimed “Original Cupcake Bakery” has several locations including Los Angeles, New York and Houston.  The shop screamed cupcake with its pink and blue storefront and I was excited to start my quest.

Flavors come in yummy combinations like cinnamon sugar, lemon coconut and chocolate marshmallow.  They even have cute, miniature doggie cupcakes!  I decided on the Orange, which is a delicious orange cake topped with orange-vanilla frosting and orange zest.  The first thing I notice is the intoxicating smell.  I spend several moments inhaling the citrus aroma.

The word cheerful popped into my head with the first bite.  I hadn’t realized that a cupcake could make me feel that way!  The flavor immediately reminded me of my cousin’s famous pound cake. I once asked her for that favorite recipe so I could catch a husband, but she wasn’t quite ready to share it.

I’ll have to let her know that she has some competition in Sprinkles’ dense cupcake and satisfyingly sweet icing.


1052 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW | Washington, DC 20007 | 703-663-8727

With a tucked away location and barely there website, it would seem that Baked & Wired is confident that their cupcakes are enough to keep people flocking to their shop.  They’re right.

The selection in Baked & Wired is awesome.  You’ll find something you love – from bread to cake to coffee.  Your dog a goodie too!  The humorous cupcake names are half the fun in deciding what to try, while the flavors are sure to include your favs plus a few surprises.  The long line gave me plenty of time to take in the menu and make my selection.

I quietly ordered the Uniporn & Rainho (no, that is not a typo), a vanilla cake with sprinkles mixed into the batter.  It is topped with blue cream cheese icing and heart sprinkles.  This shop gets super high points for creativity.  And when I bit into this cupcake, it was all freakin yum!

The flavors were amazing and melted in my mouth.  I had decided to only eat half of the cupcake to save room for the other tastings, but I didn’t want to stop.  I couldn’t believe how much delicious flavor Baked & Wired had managed to mash into this cupcake.


3301 M Street, NW | Washington, DC 20007 | 202-333-8448

The line of 30 + people seems to say it all for Georgetown Cupcakes, but I needed to try it firsthand.  Georgetown Cupcakes has locations in Boston, Atlanta and a few other happening cities.  With a show on TLC, it’s no wonder that this cupcake shop draws a crowd.

The line continued to grow well after the 9pm closing and I wondered it employees wanted to sell all the cupcakes before closing its doors.  At the entrance stood the cutest doomsday sayer I’d ever seen, giving us updates on flavors as they sold out.  I was not deterred.

It was hard for this indecisive Pisces to choose a single flavor from the oodles of taste-bud tingling selections.  Finally, I settled on the Vanilla Birthday Cake – an everyday option.  Georgetown Cupcakes also offers several special and seasonal flavors.

The Vanilla Birthday Cake is a Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake frosted with vanilla butter-cream and colorful sprinkles.  It reminded me of the cupcakes I enjoyed during childhood.  You can’t go wrong with Georgetown Cupcakes and its pure, sweet flavors and toppings.

I ended the night high – figuratively and literally.  There’s nothing better than spending an evening indulging in cupcakes, but I earned a sugar high that had me lying in bed unable to move.  And yes, it was worth it.

Best Cupcake in Georgetown: My nod for best cupcake in Georgetown goes to Baked & Wired for making an irresistible cupcake that had me dreaming in fairy tales.