The Best Festivals in New York and Why You Should Do Them All

Travelers know that one visit to a place isn’t nearly enough to see or do everything.

That’s why you probably struggle constantly between revisiting a place you love and visiting somewhere new and exciting.

With New York, however, the answer is easy. You’ll want to visit this city as many times as you can.

You’ll be remiss if you don’t spend lots of time exploring a city that shows the American melting pot like no other place in the country.

The Big Apple makes it easy for you to decide when to visit.

The city has an unlimited number of festivals to choose from, and each highlights a special part of New York. From heritage to art, these festivals will show you what it really means to be a New Yorker.

Tribeca Film Festival

New York Festivals

Photo via Flickr by Verus And Company

If you’re looking for a film experience where you can immerse yourself, check out this artistic marvel.

The Tribeca Film Festival takes you further than the typical theater experience. Here you’ll see life-changing movies that might never make it to the big screen, and you’ll hear the film’s creators offering a rarely seen look into their process.

NYC LGBT Pride Fest & March

Don’t think twice. Mark your calendar and book your hotel to be in New York for the LGBT Pride Fest.

If New York were a person, this festival would be the result of her taking a few shots, getting dressed in a craft store, and celebrating life in the streets.

This event is hands-down one of the most colorful and fun in all of New York. Don’t get left out!


The name of this festival doesn’t prepare you for the greatness that you’ll find when you spend a day with these outliers.

AfroPunk is about belonging and finding a place even when you’re not part of mainstream culture. This festival is for the fiercely independent, and it shows.

Get ready to kick conformity to the wind, and let your true self shine!

Brooklyn Book Festival

Awe Inclusive followers won’t be surprised by this recommendation.

I am the biggest bookworm, and a festival of books makes me giddy inside. You feel the same, right?

Even if you don’t have a book in your hand every hour of the day, you’ll get a kick out of this jubilee dedicated to the greatest pastime in history.

New York City Wine & Food Festival

Do you love to eat? If so, the New York City Wine & Food Festival should top your travel to-do list.

Eat and drink to your heart’s content like you can only do in NYC. Find a new favorite wine or learn to prepare a delicious dish at this culinary bash.

Did I mention that the proceeds go to local, community charities? I call that a festival where everyone wins.

Immerse yourself in New York culture by visiting these festivals.

After you’ve tried all five, ask a New Yorker for more recommendations, and keep celebrating!