Travel Dreams: Are You Holding Yourself Back? TTT #74

I got an awesome flight deal to Abu Dhabi.

I’m talking about one of those glitch fares where you book the flight without checking your calendar or asking for time off or thinking about where you’ll stay once you land.

As my travel group says, “Book now, plan later.”

When the high wore off, I realized I had two international trips within two months of each other.  I immediately went into travel superstar mode to search, bid and tweet my way into a good deal.

Speaking of tweeting, I took a break from hotel searching to see what was going on with my Tweeps.  Which naturally led into seeing what was happening on Facebook.

That’s when the ad popped up.

I didn’t even think about how Facebook knew I needed a hotel in the UAE.  At that moment I was totally enthralled by the picture of the hotel room.

My Travel Dreams Look Like This

And after I’d stared into that pretty blue water, I closed Facebook and tried to be productive.  But it didn’t help.  My mind kept thinking of the Atlantis The Palm.

Then things got ugly.

I began to tell myself I couldn’t afford the hotel room.  I told myself it was too expensive and I shouldn’t even consider it.

Can you believe it?

If I didn’t believe I could ever stay in a room like that, chances were I would never stay in a room like that.

Are You Holding Yourself Back From Your Travel Dreams?

What I love about dreams is that they are limitless.

They go beyond the realm of what we understand and into things we know deep down could be.

And we have to bring our big travel dreams to life by turning them into goals.

Then taking those goals and working diligently until they come true.

It only takes one step; one small effort to put you a bit closer to your dreams.

That day, after I scolded myself for thinking negatively, I looked up the price for that hotel room.

$7,000 a night.

Would you believe if I told you that the price made me feel better?

The room didn’t feel so intimidating once I confirmed that it wasn’t some magical place I could never go, and that if I really wanted to, I could save the money and book it.

I added the Neptune Underwater Suite to my bucket list knowing that I can and will stay in that room one day.

And who knows, another glitch might knock a zero or two from that price!

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Photo © by Atlantis The Palm Hotel