Vegas’ Not-So Secret, Must-See Peek into the Dazzling World of Chihuly

Vegas is a city that lets you be exactly who you are. And if you want, you can be a totally different person (and if it happens in Vegas, it stays in Vegas). It’s one of the reasons that I enjoy my trips to Vegas so much. You can spend your time pool-partying and clubbing, Read More

Why I Started Awe Inclusive and Why I’d Happily Fail at Blogging

The majority of blogs fail. It’s the negative omen quoted over and over in blogging forums across the web.  And while it smashes newbie dreams of easy money, it overlooks the benefits of starting and failing a blog. Most people have no problem naming reasons to start a blog, but hardly no one wants to Read More

Hello….It’s Martinique

Hello… It’s Martinique. I’ve been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. Why yes, beautiful, Caribbean country. You are the stuff of dreams. And I thoroughly enjoyed cruising your mountainous terrain and inhaling your sea air. If you would’ve asked me a year ago if I wanted to visit Martinique, I would’ve said Read More

Why A Timeshare Isn’t Your Ticket to More Travel

She spoke so fast that the only words I picked up were “Captain George’s”. And the sole reason I heard those two words was because I’d uttered them just hours earlier when I told the Babe* what I wanted for dinner. Once again, the woman upstairs had conspired to give me exactly what I wanted. Read More