Large View of The Dark Truth Behind The Johannesburg Lion Park

The Dark Truth Behind The Johannesburg Lion Park TTT #68

Last month I made friends with lion cubs at the Johannesburg Lion Park. In a few years, these lions will be sold to hunters and shot as trophies. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions These lion cubs are bred in captivity and when they are too big to pet, they are sold. Some go to zoos and circuses while...Read More
Large View of Living On A Train

Five Lessons Learned As An Introvert Living On A Train

There is something to be said about a person who takes a cool idea and brings it to life. Like a rocketship to outer space or a computer network that links the world.  Or maybe a leadership training that takes place on a train as it goes across the United States. The Train Will Leave With Or Without You I...Read More
Large View of The Best Travel Snack Ever

The Best Travel Snack Ever

I’m hesitant to share this because I don’t want to visit the grocery store and find the shelves bare of my favorite travel snack.  I already compete with people whose sole mission in life is to eat and sleep. My favorite travel snack is mashed fruit and/or vegetable blends.  The rest of the world calls it baby food. And I...Read More

Johannesburg: An Entrepreneur Paradise

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, Johannesburg is paradise. This city is all about taking a little and making a lot. Every day I interacted with people who were hustling to gain customers through a limitless variety of services and products. I was inspired to see so many people using their talents and following their passions to grind out a...Read More
Large View of Cape Town, South Africa

Why I Adore Cape Town and You Will Too

There are few places where you feel welcome as soon as you exit the airport. Cape Town is one of those places. Cape Town wrapped its arms around me in a loving embrace as soon as I’d taken in a lungful of its air. I was participating in my second trip with the Nomadness Travel Tribe, this time to South...Read More
Large View of Cape Town, South Africa

Eight Hundred Miles and Worlds Apart

Even if you read a hundred articles on a city, and you won’t understand the location until you step foot on the soil, make eye contact with the residents and sample the food. South Africa opened my eyes in a way that only travel can. I spent ten days split between Johannesburg and Cape Town – cities that are joined...Read More

South Africa: The Bucket List Crusher

South Africa was a fear crushing trip. I’m not an adrenaline junkie; instead, I am a fear conqueror with the goal of strangling the fear out of my life. The more you challenge and defeat fear, the more powerful you become, the more eager you are to enjoy life and the clearer the voice within becomes. Fear can scream louder...Read More
Why I Started Awe Inclusive and Why I'd Happily Fail at Blogging | Creating a blog, even if it doesn't make you rich is worth your efforts. Failing a blog is just as rewarding. Here's why. via @aweinclusive

How I Massacred My Comfort Zone In Four Months

Something amazing happens when you push past your comfort zone and stretch your abilities to their limits. In the months since I've updated you about working as a wildland firefighter, I've massacred my comfort zone. I've worked in several states, met hundreds of people and listened to more country music than I would have ever wanted to!  (I admit I grew fond...Read More