Here Is Your Invitation To Live

Here Is Your Invitation To Live | TTT #73

On January 16, 2015 ten members of my travel group took a tour of the gorgeous Altos del Maria community in Panama.  For two on the bus, that beautiful mountain scenery would be their final view of the world. The accident shook and then strengthened us, reconnecting our bonds and firming our resolve to live.  And in memorializing our travel...Read More
Erase This Travel Faux Pas From Your Habits Or Stay Home

Erase This Travel Faux Pas From Your Habits… Or Stay Home TTT #72

In case other countries haven't gotten the memo, I'd like to confirm once and for all that the United States is the sexiest, wealthiest and most popular country in the world. We invented McDonalds, the Iphone and sliced bread.  So other countries should, in Beyonce's words, "Bow down, B!t@hes." Right?  Right? Um, wrong. Erase This Travel Faux Pas From Your...Read More
One Step To Completely Change Your Travel Life

One Simple Step To Completely Change Your Travel Life TTT #71

Every year, people add “travel more” to their New Year resolutions. Like with many resolutions, the drive fizzles out as quickly as the ball drops.  And we're left wondering what is the secret to frequent travel? The key is momentum. And momentum is created by small actions taken over time that add up to big results. It Takes Consistent Small Actions I...Read More
My World Travel Map

How Much World Do You Have Left To Travel? TTT #69

If you’ve ever doubted how massive the world is and how much you have left to travel, you can now get a visual. Matador Network has developed this nifty map tool that allows you to color all the countries you have visited. So Much World, So Little Time I’m energized by the gray space on my map.  It appears that I’m...Read More
Large View of The Dark Truth Behind The Johannesburg Lion Park

The Dark Truth Behind The Johannesburg Lion Park TTT #68

Last month I made friends with lion cubs at the Johannesburg Lion Park. In a few years, these lions will be sold to hunters and shot as trophies. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions These lion cubs are bred in captivity and when they are too big to pet, they are sold. Some go to zoos and circuses while...Read More
Large View Of How To Change Your Flawed World View

Why Most People Have A Flawed World View TTT #67

Imagine an eight year old boy. His brown body is covered only in a coating of red dust.  He is kneeling underneath a cow and while his face is obscured, his posture suggests that he is drinking from the udder. What thoughts come to mind? Answers will vary, but consider whether your thoughts are positive or negative. Why Your World...Read More
Large View of The Ugly Truth About Your Travel Dreams

The Ugly Truth About Your Travel Dreams TTT #66

Which countries do you want to visit? If you didn’t say 'all of them' you are cheating yourself of an amazing travel life.   You Need Big, Hairy, Audacious Travel Dreams The greatest people in history didn’t have average dreams.  Their goals kept them up at night, tested their resolve, and pushed them out of their comfort zone. And their accomplishments...Read More
Large View of Awe Inclusive Travel Planning Guide

Discover Your Passions All Over The Globe #TTT 65

As a travel blogger, I'll be the first to say that travel blogs can stifle creativity in new travelers. Why is this? Because as bloggers, we try to share information that people want.  And people are looking for those "top ten" places, attractions, and events. But what about the information new travelers don't know they want? It's out there. And travelers...Read More