Why Every Local Should Strive to be a Resident Tourist | I'm always looking for my next big trip, but I make time to enjoy my local surroundings as a resident tourist. I challenge you to do the same. via @aweinclusive

Why Every Local Should Strive to be a Resident Tourist

  A month after the grand debut, I finally visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. The monument is spectacular. Even though it's the newest monument on the National Mall, MLK effortlessly stands among the stately leaders of this country. Hugging the edge of the Tidal Basin, the memorial showcases a larger-than-life statue of MLK surrounded by his most impactful quotes. I wasn't the only...Read More
Hotels Near DC Metros

A Quick Guide to the Best DC Hotels Near Metros

If you’re visiting Washington, DC, skip the rental car and take the Metro. This public train system is easy to understand, near major attractions, and less expensive than parking and gas. Book a DC hotel near a Metro station for the smartest way to travel the city. Washington Marriott at Metro Center Located near the transfer point for the red,...Read More
Girlfriend Getaway To DC

The Best DC Hotels for an Unforgettable Girlfriends Getaway

Travel can be a pain unless you’re traveling with your girlfriends. Besties have magical powers to make even the longest flights pass by within a few giggles. Of the awesome places to plan a girlfriend’s getaway, Washington, D.C. is one of the best. Although it doesn’t sit on the beach, this city’s hotels, nightlife, and eligible bachelors more than make...Read More
See DC Cherry Blossoms

Plan Your Trip to See the Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossoms

In 1912, Japan gave the United States thousands of flowering cherry trees as a symbol of friendship. These cherry blossoms were planted along the National Mall and are an enduring sign of rapport between the two countries. Since that time, a yearly festival celebrating the gift has attracted millions of tourists to Washington, D.C. The blooming of the cherry blossoms...Read More
How to Visit Washington D.C. on the Cheap

How To Visit Washington DC For Cheap

Photo by KaiG via Trover.com The sticker price of a visit to Washington, D.C. might shock you. After planning for lodging, transportation, and activities, you may decide to scratch this city from your wish list, but hold off until you finish this article. Here are some tips and tricks to visit Washington, D.C. on the cheap. Lodging The best tip...Read More
Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell Them Apart

Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell Them Apart

When I travel, I do my best to fit in with locals. Of course it doesn't always work. Locals have a knack for figuring out who's a tourist. Here are the most popular DC tourists and how locals can tell them apart. Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell You Apart The Chipper Tourist Do you hear that?  It’s the...Read More
How Not To Piss Off DC Locals On The Metro

How Not To Piss Off DC Locals On The Metro

Who knows what Frenchman Pierre L’Enfant was thinking when he designed the odd layout of Washington, DC. With its diagonal intersections, baffling traffic circles and shortage of parking, most locals avoid the fuss and take the Metro. And it’s there, in those underground tunnels that tourists and locals clash. In the 40 years since Metro first opened its doors, this...Read More

Resident Tourist — Quest For The Best Cupcake In Georgetown

Besides traveling, I've embarked on several inner journeys of improvement. Most recently, I've focused on health by changing some of my bad dietary habits. As a reward for sticking to these healthy changes, I allow myself one cheat day every two weeks where I'm allowed to indulge myself to my hearts desire. This past cheat day, I decided to embark...Read More