Resident Tourist — No Pants Metro Ride

"I guess it's time." We immediately loosened our pants, making small talk before we lost our nerve. The sudden action caught Metro riders by surprise and they gawked at our antics.  Some in amusement, others in disgust, many in disinterest - the typical city perspective.   No Pants Metro Ride The day was January 12, 2012, it was unseasonably warm,...Read More

Resident Tourist — Local Escape to Red, Hot and Blue

Stepping into Red, Hot and Blue's barbeque resturant, and away from the rush hour madness, immediately soothed my senses.  The server took no time in greeting us with an authentic Southern drawl and leading us to our seats.  We were in for a treat of Southern hospitality. The restaurant's Blues theme is accented with neon lights, musical instruments, and photos...Read More

Tips on Visiting Washington, DC – Inauguration Edition

The election is over, and whether you celebrated or drowned your sorrows, the champagne is gone and it's time to plan for inauguration. [caption id="attachment_4350" align="alignright" width="274"] Sea of Onlookers photo by Boss Tweed[/caption] LODGING Hotels in DC are expensive and many will require a minimum stay.  Book a room on the outskirts of the city to get the best...Read More

The Weirdest 5 Things I’ve Seen on the DC Metro

There are some strange sites in Washington, DC and once you're underground, it gets worse.  Here's a list of some of the weirdest things I've seen on the DC Metro.  You can't make this stuff up!   1) We run for trains - even if the next one is coming in two minutes. Every bit of exercise helps! And in...Read More

Resident Tourist — Local Escape to Pacifico Cantina

I've been yearning for a short escape from the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC, but I didn't expect to find it at the Nomadness Travel Tribe meet-up. Paradise Found Pacifico Cantina immediately transported me to a tropical getaway!  The rooftop deck features wooden furniture, perfectly accented with patio umbrellas and potted trees.  Reggae and pop hits had me grooving...Read More

Resident Tourist – Outdoor Movie Night

Cat from Solo Travels DC and I braved the heat to participate in one of DC's summer pastimes - the outdoor movie. Tonight's feature was Wall-E and I looked forward to seeing it again. After circling the block a few times, we spotted the NOMA movie grounds - an abandoned field adjacent to the raised metro tracks.  Luckily, the trains running from...Read More

Celebrate the Fourth of July in Washington DC

Can you think of a better place to celebrate Independence Day than in the Nation's capital? The monuments on the National Mall set the perfect backdrop for such a patriotic occasion. If you're planning to brave the crowds for the firework display, here are a few tips to ease the strain of participating in such a widely attended event.   Arrive Early - The National...Read More
How To Survive The Washington, DC Metro

How To Survive the Washington, DC Metro System: A Traveler’s Guide

Washington, DC welcomes nearly 20 million visitors annually.  The DC Metro system is the easiest way to explore the city.  But with 760,000 passengers daily, things can get hectic! "How To Survive the Washington, DC Metro System: A Traveler's Guide" gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the DC Metro system. Written from my experience as a local, this guide offers...Read More