Helsinki, Finland: A Must Visit Destination This Year

The capital of Finland, Helsinki has beautiful places to see, memorable things to experience and much to offer first-time and repeat visitors. If you visit the Ateneum Art Museum, Esplanade Park, the Cathedral or the countless other places that are rich in the country’s tradition, you will come away from a trip to Helsinki feeling Read More

The City Of Angels: Get The Most Out Of Your LA Vacation

Image Source Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is one of the glitziest, most glamorous cities on the west coast. It’s full of stars, wannabe stars, budding musicians, fitness fanatics, and average Joes. There’s absolutely no better place for people watching. When you fork out the cash to visit a bustling city like Los Angeles, Read More

Costa Rica: One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Travel Destinations

Costa Rica is one of those countries that people think is only for ‘serious’ travelers, people who live out of their backpacks and are happy to spend weeks at a time camping. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; Costa Rica is a multicultural, metropolitan country that has a lot to offer any traveler. Sure, Read More

Travel Guide To South Korea: The Beauty And Vibrancy of Seoul

Few places offer the contrast of modern and traditional like Asia, and South Korea is no exception. For this reason and more, Seoul tops my travel bucket list. Today’s guest post comes from someone with an intimate knowledge of this vibrant city and tips to help you plan your trip. James is the founder of Read More