The Undeniable Power Of Getting Caught In The Rain

The skies darkened as we snapped pictures of storefronts and signs.
Sight-seeing in New Orleans offered the perfect mix of naughty and nice to keep us ducking into various shops and exploring the wares.


Large View of Caught in the rain
Reach up and meet the rain halfway.  credit

The first drop gently tapped my shoulder.  I gave Mother Nature my full attention, eyes to the gray sky trying to determine how long before we were soaked.

The answer was seven minutes.

As the drops turned to alleyway puddles, I rebelliously fought the urge to join others in the dash for shelter.

Water poured on us until our clothes and hair were saturated.  It felt amazing.

The things we avoid only seem formidable until we experience them.  With experience comes the realization that people can survive more than they give themselves credit for.  Sometimes we run from things we should run towards.

As we passed crowds of onlookers cowering under awnings and within storefronts, a thought struck me.

How many people allow unideal circumstances to keep them from enjoying their lives and accomplishing their goals?

While drops of water don’t have the power to stop a person from sightseeing and enjoying a stroll along Decatur Street, mental hangups do.

Somewhere along the way, these people were taught to avoid getting caught in the rain.  They learned that when things don’t go as planned, it’s best to sit around and wait for something to change.

This hurts us because it:

  • Increases the time we’re idle – waiting for our situation to improve
  • Teaches us to avoid risk in attempts to have a problem-free life
  • Decreases the control we exert over our lives
On that warm, rainy July day, Sis and I fell in love with the rain.

Loving the rain means you’re no longer afraid things won’t go as planned.  The rain becomes little more than a change of theme, a alternative backdrop to your story.

Travelers have to change the way we think about rain.  No longer should it signal sadness or trouble.  When you love the rain, you’re taking control of your day.  No more of these, “what to do on a rainy day lists.”  Continue your life as usual, loving the fresh smell and melodic music the rain creates.

There’s something magical about New Orleans when it rains.  The sidewalks clear and it’s as if Mother Nature washes away the sin of the city.

Next time it rains on your parade, lift your head and march right through it.   (You get bonus points if you smile!)

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  • “Loving the rain” makes a great travel mantra!

    • Hi Mara! I agree. No more hiding indoors or changing plans!

  • Lisa from Gone With The Family

    You’re right that somewhere along the way we are taught to fear getting caught in the rain. Little kids don’t – they embrace it giggling and splashing in the puddles along the way. I love the photo that you used – it captures the joy perfectly! I promise that I’ll try to smile next time it’s raining – will be a nice change from the snow anyway! 😉

    • Ha! I’m ready for the change too. It’s as if the spring rain wakes nature up and I’m ready for the flowers!

      You know kids are interesting little people. They’re young, but their actions hold lots of wisdom. Lack of inhibition, candid honesty and heartfelt joy. We can learn a lot from them.

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  • LOVE this! You are so right…thanks for this reminder Michaela 😉

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it and it’s right in time for April showers!