One Simple Step To Completely Change Your Travel Life TTT #71

One Step To Completely Change Your Travel Life

Every year, people add “travel more” to their New Year resolutions.

Like with many resolutions, the drive fizzles out as quickly as the ball drops.  And we’re left wondering what is the secret to frequent travel?

The key is momentum.

And momentum is created by small actions taken over time that add up to big results.

It Takes Consistent Small Actions

I used to stress over my never-ending to-do lists.

I spent too much time focusing on what needed to be done that I didn’t congratulate myself on my accomplishments.  When I finally paused to look at my progress, I realized that I wasn’t a hamster in a wheel going nowhere.

Each year, when I’m planning future trips and trying to fit the rest of life in, I give thanks for what I’ve done.  I’m proud of my achievements and the joy they’ve brought me.  And it gives me motivation to push forward and continue seeing the world.

I’ve learned that diligence, not always huge sweeping actions, produces epic results.

What One Thing Can You Do Today?

Every day we are presented with opportunities.  And each choice pushes us closer or further away from our goals.

If you want to travel more, make choices that take you closer to more travel.  Put money into a travel savings account, create a travel vision board, help others travel more.

Remember, the key to getting anything done is consistent action.  Those small steps can turn travel into a lifestyle instead of a special occasion.

The thousand mile journey starts with one step.  What step will you take today to change your travel life?

See you out there!
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