Clear Your Cookies To Save Money on Travel | TTT #82

Clear Your Cookies

My little cousin turned 16 last month.

To celebrate, we planned her first trip to Washington, DC for a girl’s weekend. Halfway through the ticket purchase, I contacted her mom for an okay on the arrival and depature times. Our chat took about fifteen minutes.

The purchase page had timed out during our conversation and I was forced to refresh the page. Imagine my surprise at a jump in ticket prices!

I started the search over and got the same higher price.

Using a tip – that I’d tried before, but never saw results – I exited out of all sites and cleared the cookies.

Then I re-entered the trip details and pressed search.


The lower price reappeared and I hastily booked the trip.

If you’re searching for transportation and lodging, clear your cookies from time to time.

Cookies are information that websites record during your visit to remind them about your actions on their page.

It’s how you can return to a website and they automatically remember your old searches.  It seems that websites might use cookies to raise prices for customers they notice are repeatedly searching for the same dates.

This was the perfect lesson for a sixteen year old to grasp and use during her life. You can too.

Clear Your Cookies

Sometimes you find the best deals and opportunities when you clear out some of your past.

Past actions that aren’t taking you to your dreams.

Don’t worry if it’s hard for you to create habits. Positive behaviors take time to form – like two months or more – and need consistent effort to develop.

Look at your travel vision board.

Now visualize what actions will take you to those goals.

If you’re doing something that doesn’t help you reach your goals, like watching too much television instead of creating another form of income, cut that action.

Now, replace it with a habit that propels you towards your dream life.

Past friends that aren’t contributing to a joyous and productive life. 

If your Facebook feed isn’t filled with people traveling the world, the chances are that you aren’t traveling the world. That’s because we are the average of the people we are with the most.

What do your friends say when you tell them about your travel plans? Do they help you research activities or are they warning you about catching Ebola?

Take notice of those who inspire and encourage your travels.

Then give them priority access to your time.

Past fears that hold you back.

What’s the worse that could happen? I always ask this question when I make a tough decision. And almost always, my level of fear doesn’t equal the possible consequences.

You don’t have to pretend that you aren’t afraid. Instead, push through your fear.

Each time you overcome what’s holding you back, you become less fearful. You’re able to achieve more and get closer to your dreams.

It takes persistence, and soon your fears will vanish.

Clearing your cookies won’t only give you the best deals when you travel, it’ll also give you a first class life. 

BTW, my cousin and I had a spectacular time in Washington, DC checking out the sights, the food, and the shopping. The earlier her wanderlust is ignited, the better her life will be. And maybe if I’m lucky, she’ll buy me a trip one day.

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Photo by betsyweber via Flickr