I Have So Many Places On My Bucket List; How Can I See Them All?

Good question.  To answer, we’ll look to the wise words of a cultural icon.

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. ~James Dean

It’s quoted like it’s going out of style, yet many fail to put those words to action.  It’s a shame because the words are a perfect guide for anyone who’s putting together their bucket list.

Bucket List

Dream As If You’ll Live Forever

As a child I dreamed of searching for dinosaurs on dusty, desert plateaus and discovering new species of plants and animals.

I read Highlights kid’s magazines and imagined a future of exploration and adventure.  These stories tickled my imagination and I lived in a world of possibility.

Then adulthood reared its head and torched those dreams.

Adults make rational decisions.  We  plan the fun and spontaneity out of things.  We push aside the things we love, working jobs we hate and constantly saving and scraping in hopes that we can buy our freedom before we kick the bucket.

Life is beautiful when it’s filled with things you love.  Those things act as seasonings to flavor your life.  Don’t live a bland existence.  Spice it up with dreams, accomplishments and travel.

Live As If You’ll Die Today

The myth of multitasking is dead.

To get the best results, work on one goal at a time.  Go to the first entry on your list.  Calculate the cost of the trip from flights to spending money.

Then, it’s important to set a date for the trip.

Have you heard of Parkinson’s Law?  It basically says that the sooner you give yourself to accomplish a goal, the sooner you’ll achieve it.  Why?  Because your mind equates urgency to importance.  You’ll automatically work harder to complete assignments with a looming deadline.

Your yearning for exploration will only increase as you travel around the world.  Your bucket list will grow, even as you’re crossing things off.  At times, you’ll compare the infinite possibilities with your finite life.

I challenge you to focus on completing one item at a time instead of focusing on completing the list.  The problem with bucket lists is that you may never finish them.  And you shouldn’t want to; let the success pile up.

The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.” ~James Dean

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