Why Does Everyone Seem To Be A Cruise Critic?

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The best board for cruise complaints is overboard!

I won’t go into a tirade to prove the cruise critics wrong.

This post isn’t for them.

This post is for anyone who loves to cruise.  Its for new travelers who have never taken a cruise.  And, it’s for those who wanted to take a cruise, but were discouraged from having that experience.

What is most surprising is the number of people who criticize cruises, but have never taken one.  It’s irresponsible, especially for travel bloggers, to discourage travelers from getting out there – no matter the travel method.

If you’re interested in cruising, go!

I was digging through a picture box at my Aunt’s house and I found picture after picture of my grandma in various cities and posing at numerous monuments.  It warmed my heart to realize that she’d passed her wanderlust to me.

Among those photos was a picture of her lounging on a deck chair, a lifesaver with the words “Carnivale Lifesaver NP” behind her .  I stole that picture and keep it with me so that my Grandma can continue her travels by my side.

Why I Like to Cruise

Along with the 1o million other people who cruise yearly, cruising:

  • Offers a relaxing way of traveling the world.  While you sleep, the boat carries you from port to port.
  • If you’re an introvert, like me, a cruise gives you time to loosen up and get to know others.

It’s time that those who criticize the trips of others are kicked off their high horse.

Your ’round the world trip is no better than his resident tourist excursions.

Your trip off the beaten path is no better than her jaunt on the beaten path.

Your week spent in a luxurious hotel is no better than my week spent sleeping in tents.

Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another. ~ Marquis de Condorcet

That goes for your travels too.  There is a travel hierarchy, but it’s personal.  Your favorite method of travel is such because of your preferences, experiences and goals.

Many people will offer advice on where you should go and which activities you should try.  While these suggestions come with good intentions, understand that your trip should be unique because it reflects your personality.

I was prompted to write this article because of the cruise critics out there, but the lessons apply to anyone who’s been discouraged from traveling based on the opinion of another.

The best method of traveling is your favorite method.  The best travel destination is your favorite destination.

Future Cruiser: Take that cruise and do a sail-away dance for me!

  • I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed this before but I totally agree…thanks for this post 😉

    • You are so right! I’m reviving the topic for a cruiser guide I’m working on. Stay tuned. 😉