Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell Them Apart

Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell Them Apart

When I travel, I do my best to fit in with locals. Of course it doesn’t always work. Locals have a knack for figuring out who’s a tourist.

Here are the most popular DC tourists and how locals can tell them apart.

Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell You Apart

The Chipper Tourist
Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of silence on a Thursday morning Metro ride.  The silence is punctuated by the chime of “doors closing” before the Metro chugs to its next location.

The Chipper Tourists are those chatterboxes who are excited to be on the Metro.  They’re going to visit monuments and museums while the rest of us are going to work.  Watch as locals insert their earphones.

The Late Tourist
There is an art to sliding into the Metro once the doors start closing.  The Late Tourists haven’t perfected it.

They don’t realize that the train doors won’t reopen automatically, so they put their hands, backpacks and baby strollers through the opening hoping to keep it from closing.

It doesn’t work!

Their items are stuck until the train conductor decides to reopen the doors.

The Photographer Tourist
Do they really need three cameras for pictures of the Washington Monument or are they just showing off?

These tourists pause in the middle of the sidewalk blocking walker traffic to get the perfect shot.

What are they taking pictures of?

My untrained eyes see an old building, but they see so much more.  And the Photographer Tourist doesn’t care whose path they block to get that shot.

The Child Tourist
Local children ride the metro to school.  They are used to the hustle and bustle of the Metro.

Not the Child Tourist.  They cling to their parents, choosing to stand rather than sit beside a stranger. 

And once the Metro moves, these children grasp onto the hand rails as they are jerked around at each stop.

The Loving Tourist
These tourists are walking around in their “I Love DC” gear confessing their affections to everyone who will look.  This is such a sweet gesture and DC truly appreciates these tourists and their vacation dollars.

At least they spend their hard earned dollars on souvenirs they will use, instead of little trinkets that get dumped in the junk drawer.

Meandering Tourist
These are by far the most popular type of tourist.

Their walk reminds me of the molasses my grandmother used for her biscuits.  Slow and steady.  It must take a lot of skill to walk that slowly.

Although leisurely walks have perks.

The Meandering Tourist can appreciate every building, every bush, every crack in the sidewalk.

Loving Family of Tourists
It’s so cute to see a family with their hands intertwined as they walk towards the beauty of our National Treasures.

Unfortunately, the locals are late for work and the tourists are blocking our paths.  We’re maneuvering around them on foot, on skates and on bikes, yet you seem oblivious to our plight.

 Tow Truck Tourist
They’re doing a jig between the parking meter and the street parking signs.  And no they aren’t crazy.

I’d read those signs 50 times too.

They are contradictory.  That’s why locals don’t drive in the city.  We pack ourselves onto the metro every morning and afternoon to avoid the DC traffic.

If they park curbside despite those tricky signs, I wish them luck!

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I bet you’ve seen these tourists in your town.  I hear they travel far and wide.

Which type of tourist do you find in your neck of the woods?  Or do you see a different type of tourist?  Tell us below!  BTW, If you’re visiting Washington DC, check out the Resident Tourist section of this site.
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Photo © by Micadew