The Looming Death of My Travel Partner

My car is dying.

On any free weekend, we’d cruise toward adventures on I-95.  Unfortunately for JT, her 15 years are catching up with her.

A week after our 16 hour holiday travel blitz, something fell off.  I’ll use the excuse that I’m a girl and can’t be bothered with the particulars.  Whatever broke caused my oil light to come and cost $200+ to repair.

Most recently, we traveled to Virginia Beach – a total drive of 7 hours.  Two weeks later, the tailpipe started dragging and fell off before I could get home!

Some parts I repair, others are buried in a trunk graveyard.

The advantage of driving a beater is more travel money.  The disadvantage is the car is too old to travel!  So much for money-saving road trips.


Sunset and Car


When JT drives her final mile, I have prepared this simple eulogy:


I smile on the travels of our past.

I wish that our friendship could last.

To the classifieds I go.

My next car – I hope –

Will be shiny and easy on gas.

 Has your frequent traveling killed any of your cars?