Is It Time For Smart Travelers to Ditch All Inclusive Resorts?

Large View of All Inclusive Resorts
Looks Like a Dream, Doesn’t It? Then, wake Up!

Each month, over a million people search for all inclusive resorts.

Some travelers are lured to resorts with promises of glitz and glamor.  Instead, boring food is prepared in pristine kitchens; activities are pre-planned and repeated to the point of monotony.  Their vacation pictures get “oohs” and “ahhs” on Facebook and Pinterest, but the stories are bland.

Although there are numerous reasons why not to stay in an all-inclusive resort, you don’t have to shun them entirely.

To decide whether or not to stay at a resort, ask yourself these two questions.

Do You Want To Be Apart From It All?

If you’re looking to get away, a resort is perfect with it’s luxury and comfort.  For those who live an average life – working 9-5 and saving up for a big trip or two every year – the all-inclusive resort feels like the ultimate upgrade.

All inclusive resorts want you to think their luxury is one-of-a-kind.  A way to escape, if only temporarily, your life as a cubicle rat.

A Word of Caution: all inclusive resorts vary in what they offer travelers.  You’ll need to do research to determine

  • the type of people who frequent the location (e.g. families or singles),
  • what “all inclusive” really includes and
  • what type of service is provided.

Which location you choose will alter the outcome of your trip.


Or Do You Want To Be A Part Of It All?

What’s missing from all inclusive resorts are life-changing awakenings.  Those experiences propel travels from coast to coast, and confirm decisions to give everything away for a year abroad.

Have you ever played streets games with foreign children while they pelted you with questions in broken English?  Ever felt the need to order three things from a menu because you weren’t sure of what you were ordering?

There’s something about getting outside of your comfort zone that makes life more exciting and leaves you feeling empowered.

Traveling among the local population builds a store of experience, perspective and memories sure to fully enrich your existence.

On the other hand, a resort offers replicated memories.  Same storyline – different people, different place.

All inclusive resorts should be the travel exception, not the rule!


The Choice Is Yours

If you want to be pampered, secluded and let your mind relax – go to an all inclusive resort.

If you want all the comforts of home, without being at home – go to an all inclusive resort.

But if you want drool-inducing adventures and breath-catching pictures – ditch the all inclusive.

All inclusive resorts have their place, just don’t let a resort fool you into thinking that you’ll get an Awe Inclusive travel experience.  It’ll never compare to the travel experiences that dreams are made off.

So, what’s the number one reason you choose to stay in a resort?

For an Awe Inclusive travel experience, let the all inclusive be your last resort!  (Click to Tweet)

  • I’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before but am looking forward to it for our honeymoon as we plan to do absolutely NOTHING lol

    • And you’ll deserve every second of relaxation that you get! I saw your countdown and the big day is right around the corner! 🙂