Don’t Be A Fool Like Me – Avoid These Seven Travel Mistakes

We’ve all played the fool.  Luckily, Socrates created the internet so that we could find enlightenment.  Here are seven foolish travel mistakes that hindered my travels.  Avoid them!

Don’t Restrict Yourself with These Travel Mistakes – photo by V. Angler

1) Waiting On Others

I’ve cancelled tons of trips when my travel partners bailed.  Don’t make the same mistake.

The more the merrier, and awesome folks are waiting to meet you at your destination.

2) Overspending

This includes not shopping around, or buying overpriced attractions and excursions.  On my last cruise, I elected to fore-go the excursions listed and make my own.  I created a personalized experience and left room to improvise.

3) Not Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Neil Armstrong said, ”  I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.”  Make sure lots of those heart beats are racing as you push yourself to do something new.

4) Trying Not To Embarrass Myself

On a flight to Spain, I met a Frenchman who challenged me to speak a few words in French.  I’d taken three years and knew more than I let on.  It was the perfect opportunity to practice.  Instead I didn’t want to look foolish and I didn’t try.

It’s helpful to remind yourself every once in a while that no one else takes you so seriously, so loosen up!

5) Creating Too Many Expectations

Expectations lead to disappointment.  So what if the weather is usually in the mid 80s and breezy, but you’re stuck with 50s.  This happened to me in Vegas.  I was disappointed.

If I’d been more open-minded, I wouldn’t have cared as much and I would have spent more time enjoying myself than wising for warm weather.

6) Over Planning

When you’re new to traveling it’s easy to listen to others about ‘things you must visit’ while on your trip.  Surprisingly, my best travel memories took place during totally unplanned activities.  Plus, what interests another person, may not be your cup of tea.

7) Starting So Late

There are so many places on my bucket list that I wish I would’ve started traveling sooner.  Start now.

Which travel mistake put a damper on your travels?

  • Sharee Washington

    My biggest travel mistake has been not wearing a jacket on the plane. I don’t know why they blast the cold, but I’m miserable if I don’t have any warmth during a 2-3 hour flight.

    • I get cold really easily too and always try to remember my layers. Whatever happened to the in-flight blankets? Are they considered a luxury item now? LOL!