Dubai: A City of the World’s Number One Attractions


Dubai: A City of the World's Number One Attractions | Dubai is on a mission to be a second-to-none city. Check out the attractions that will boost Dubai to number one on your list. via @aweinclusive #Travel #Dubai #UAE

Ninety miles north of the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi is Dubai.

One of the most populous cities in the UAE and hands-down the most modern, a trip to this city will fascinate even the most seasoned traveler.  Here are seven huge reasons to fall in love with Dubai.

Dubai Attractions Burj Al-Arab

The World’s Highest Rated Hotel

The fact that 7-star hotels do not officially exist doesn’t hamper the Burj Al-Arab’s mythical reputation as one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai.

This beautiful, sail-shaped hotel prides itself on luxury accommodations and unrivaled customer service.

If the hotel rates are too steep for your budget, enjoy afternoon tea at one of the three on-site restaurants.  Each offers its own version of this cultural pastime, so choose wisely or try them all!


Dubai Attractions Mall

The World’s Biggest Mall

With over 1200 shops, the Dubai Mall is probably the only place that you can truly shop until you drop.

Don’t worry if you’re not a “big” shopper, visitors can ice skate, visit a theme park, or soar in a flight simulator without leaving the mall.  From contemporary to traditional, the Dubai Mal has your shopping needs covered.


Dubai Attractions Aquarium

The World’s Largest Aquarium

The Dubai Mall is a one-stop shop for entertainment in Dubai and is home to the biggest aquarium you’ll find on this planet.

If you fantasize about swimming with sharks, you can arrange to dive at your own risk!  The bonus: you don’t have to be a certified diver to try this activity.


Dubai Attractions Burj Khalifa

The World’s Tallest Building

Downtown Dubai boasts a massive, 2,624 foot structure that stretches higher than any building ever built.

The Burj Khalifa is part residence, part hotel, part office space, and part spectacular.  Get an amazing view from the observation decks on levels 124 and 148.


Dubai Attractions Dancing Fountains

The World’s Largest Dancing Fountain

Not too far from the world’s tallest building, you’ll find a fantastic show of water and lights.  Sprays shoot and twirl 500 feet into the air to Arabian music.

Sitting on the 30-acre Burj Kalifa Lake, this fountain claims the title of greatest water show on Earth.


Dubai Attractions Manmade Island

The World’s Largest Man-Made Island

A palm tree, the iconic symbol of an amazing vacation, is the shape of the world’s largest manmade island.

The three islands that make up the Palm Islands – the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira – can be seen from space!  If you want a closer look, visit the Palm Jumeirah for a day of excitement and fun.


Dubai Attractions Miracle Garden

The World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden

One visit to the Miracle Garden in Dubai and you will believe you’ve fallen into a dream world.

The lively colors and whimsical designs are sure to awaken the child within and cause you to forget that you are in a desert.  There was no shortage of imagination in this design, and all 45 million flowers will leave you in awe.

Dubai is on a mission to be a second-to-none city.  With eye-popping attractions created to draw attention, this destination is topping the charts for travelers across the globe.

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