Hipmunk City Love: A Fun Foodie Guide to Eat Your Way Through Istanbul

Eating in Istanbul

Nestled in the ideal spot to glean the best traditions of Europe and the Middle East, Istanbul’s cuisine is an exciting mix of many cultures.

Those visiting this culinary melting pot are sure to experience a food scene that surprises their taste buds and delights their palates. Here are the top places to grab a bite to eat during your trip to Istanbul.

Old Ottoman Cafe and Restaurant

You’ll have to do a bit of searching to find this restaurant located off the main streets. But your meal will be well worth the journey.

Expect excellent customer service, genuine Turkish cuisine, and large portions.

Old Ottoman Cafe and Restaurant is famous for its Chef Special which is cooked in a clay jar and gives you the feel of a traditional Turkish meal. Don’t leave without eating dessert. The local favorite is baklava and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t order one to go.

Beyaz Izgara

You might find it hard to believe that a fast food restaurant would make the cut, but that’s only until you give it a try.

Find the Beyaz Izgara during your shopping trip to the Grand Bazaar. A meal from this eatery will be one of your favorite purchases. Try the mixed plate to get a taste of each yummy meat option prepared in this shop. Wash it down with Aryan, a traditional yogurt drink.

El Faro Kebab House

Don’t leave Istanbul without trying a selection of mezes – cold meal starters that come in delicious varieties. El Faro Kebab House offers several options of mezes that will dazzle your senses and erase your hunger. Save room for the famous kebabs.

With affordable prices and portions that will tackle even the biggest appetite, El Faro Kebab House is a first choice for a return visit.


Pull out your fancy clothes and experience at least one night of fine dining in Istanbul. This Turkish-French fusion restaurant offers an exciting take on traditional foods.

Opt for Nicole‘s Discovery Menu for fun twists on old favorites and to find a few new dishes to love.

The atmosphere is relaxing and young children are not allowed, so prepare for an upscale food experience for a reasonable price.

Deraliye Restaurant

When you order a meal from Deraliye Restaurant, you are guaranteed to have a traditional spread. In fact, menu items marked with an asterisk are special meals that were served during a Sultan’s feast in the 1500s.

Over your history lesson, enjoy views of the old city that will transport you back in time. While the dining is fit for royalty, the mood is laid back. Sample from among the wide varieties of Turkish wine for a new favorite to take home.

One of the most noticeable differences between cultures is its cuisine.

Visitors to Istanbul are in luck to have landed in a place that has such a rich history of cultural influences. The food speaks volumes about the city and you’ll find amazing examples of Turkish cuisine from among the eateries listed here.

Photo by A Taste of Travel via Trover.com