An Easy Way To Tell If Ebola Will Affect Your Trip To Africa #TTT 63

Large View of Travel Tip Tuesday #63: Ebola Map
Chances are, you’ll be fine.  Map by Anthony England


It blew my mind that I heard more talk about Ebola while in America than I did while in South Africa.

The media has turned this virus into a horror show where people are walking around with their hands over their eyes screaming and jumping at every noise.

Listen Linda, put your hands down and take a close look at this map.

If the country you want to visit IS NOT colored in red, green or blue, take your trip.

If you want to visit a country marked with red, green or blue, you should postpone until a later date.

Are we clear?  Awesome!

Oh, and if you don’t know Linda – who I referenced earlier –  you are missing OUT!  Click here to watch this video.


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