Five Travel Tips That Will Make Moms Cringe

Even when you’re a thousand miles away, mom’s voice rings clear.

Remember your curfew; Don’t talk to that fast boy on the next street; Call if you’re going to be late. 

Next time you travel, put your foot down and silence the mommy voice.  The first step is to remember those rules that mom drilled into your head.  The second step is to break them! 

1) Talk to Strangers

Ignore the lingering remnants of “stranger danger”.  Strangers, otherwise known as locals, know some of the best ways to spend your vacation.

Locals avoid the tourist traps and can give you a few pointers, so that you avoid them as well.

2) Get Lost

Take a few steps in any direction and explore without having an agenda or a map.  I find the coolest places when I’m wandering around my temporary neighborhood.

As long as you don’t leave the planet, can you really get lost?  Keep walking for long enough – you’re bound to end up somewhere familiar.

3) Don’t Check In

Leave worry and work behind.  Don’t keep checking Facebook to see whose baby burped for the first time.  Those pictures of cute kittens and dancing parrots can wait.  The last day of your trip comes faster than you think!

4)Stay Out Late

Curfew?  What curfew?  The atmosphere of a city changes when the sun sets.  Explore the nightlife and create some awesome stories to tell your friends.

5) Forget the Buddy System

Seasoned travelers agree that traveling alone is a liberating experience.  Give it a try.  With less people giving an opinion, you can do whatever you want.  If that doesn’t sound like a vacation, I’m not sure what does.

I feel mad mommy vibes coming through my screen.  Well, since I’m already going to be on punishment, I’ll remind you that as a traveler, you have a duty to take travel virginities – as many as possible.

  • The best plan is no plan =) great blog, your an awesome writer! Way better at updating than i am =D

    • Thanks! I must admit that my unplanned vacations have always turned out super fun!

  • Great post!