Thank you for your interest in sharing your advice, inspiration and experiences with readers of Awe Inclusive.  I really appreciate the time and energy that you put into helping fellow travelers who are interested in traveling more often.

Guest posts are a great way to expose my audience to new information and other amazing travel sites.  To make sure that your article is a good fit for this site, please take a moment to review the guidelines below.

What Awe Inclusive Is About

 Awe Inclusive is a site for travelers dreaming up their next amazing vacation.

My readers are dreaming, planning and traveling using the advice and tips featured on Awe Inclusive.  My focus is helping these folks have the best travel experiences possible – going to any location and on any budget.  Submitted articles should reflect this mission.


Guidelines for Guest Posts

  • Posts should ideally have between 500-1000 words.  I will accept longer posts on a case by case basis.
  • Bad language can make a point, but I rarely use it on my site.  To be on the safe side, please refrain from using bad language in your submission.
  • If you own the rights to a high resolution photo (check the photo’s properties – ppi should be over 300) that compliments your article, please add it to your submission.
  • Provide an author bio with 3-4 sentences.  This will be included at the bottom of the post and include a link to your site.


What You Can Expect

You can expect a response within 48 hours of sending your pitch.

Once a pitch is approved, feel free to submit your article.  I will review, edit and format your article.  Editing may include minor wordsmitthing and tweaks in sentence layout.  I will not change the content or focus.

These changes will reflect what generally works best with the Awe Inclusive audience.  Edits are NOT a negative reflection on your work.

Once formatted and saved as a draft, the article will be added to my posting schedule.  Articles will be published within 4-6 weeks.  Exceptions will be made for time-sensitive topics.

I will provide exact posting date and time after the article scheduled.

Posts will be promoted on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.  A link to your site, twitter or facebook page will be included in the article.

I will also respond to comments, unless you notify me that you’d prefer to reply.  If so, I will forward you Disqus notifications.  Please reply to the comments within 48 hours, or I will reply to them.


What I Expect

Readers of Awe Inclusive are provided with useful content that will help them achieve wonderful travel experiences.

I’m not picky about topics, but your pitch must be travel focused.  List posts, how-to posts and destination-specific information posts are preferred.

The articles should have unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere.

Please make sure readers won’t need a dictionary to read your posts.  Use easy words, short sentences and small paragraphs.

Proofread and cut out unnecessary words.  I’m not too busy to edit posts with incredible content, but I’d like to keep editing to a minimum.

Consolidate your topic into a certain key phrase, like “best cruise ship” or “easy packing tips”.  Use this phrase in your title and article body.  This ensures that folks searching for this topic will find your article.


So, What Now?

Ugghh!  Glad to have that out of the way.

Here comes the fun part!  Send your pitch to me using this contact form.  Make sure you include your website in the submission.  I’m excited to read your idea and I look forward to working with you.

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