3 Reasons a Hiking Holiday is the Perfect Way to Celebrate the Season

3 Reasons a Hiking Holiday is the Perfect Way to Celebrate the Season | Sometimes, a holiday by the pool drinking cocktails doesn't cut it. Here are three reasons that a hiking holiday is the perfect way to celebrate the season. via @aweinclusive

Holidays are about exploring new things and seeing new places, but they can also be incredibly life affirming and give you the space for personal development.

Sometimes, a holiday by the pool drinking cocktails isn’t quite the thing you need to recapture your energy and reflect on your life’s journey.

How about something more challenging? Perhaps a hiking holiday?

Here are three reasons that a hiking holiday is the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Get Fit

Many of us will create New Year resolutions hoping to revamp our fitness regimen. You don’t have to wait until January to start working out again.

Take a holiday hiking trip to start healthy practices before the ball drop.

Hiking is a great way to build powerful muscles in your legs and improve your overall fitness. While you should set a fairly gentle pace, carrying your pack and choosing challenging trails will make the trip a real full body workout that will make you feel fantastic.

If you haven’t done much hiking, spend time training before you go. You should probably look into where to shop quality outdoor clothing and gear to make sure you carry all the right things, but don’t make your pack too heavy.

If you go on holiday to relieve stress, you will be surprised to hear that getting active and building your fitness helps to alleviate tension. As your fitness improves, your blood pressure will drop and your muscles will relax. While lounging for a week in your plaid pajamas might feel good, hiking for a week will bring you lasting benefits.

Drink In Amazing Vistas

Though the Inca Trail in Peru is probably one of the most popular hiking destinations in the world, it certainly isn’t the only trail you should be thinking about, especially if you want something a bit gentler for your first hiking holiday.

Similarly, the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine has an amazing reputation as the longest continuously marked footpath in the world. Although some experienced hikers have taken on the entire trail at once, you could choose to do just a section.

If you want to step off the beaten track for just a few days, the Routeburn Track on New Zealand’s South Island could be for you.

What all of these hiking trails have in common are the amazing views, exciting scenery and that indefinable feeling you get of being so small and yet so big at the same time (something for philosophers to contemplate as they walk!).

Make Incredible New Friends

While Cheryl Strayed proved that a single woman with hardly any hiking experience could achieve the Pacific Crest Trail, you might prefer to go with a guided group.

Group hiking is great option if you want like-minded people to walk with who will offer the camaraderie to push you along.

A hiking group is ideal for individuals as well as couples or small friend groups, although once you start walking everyone will soon be friends anyway. It’s a fabulous way to reflect on good times with old friends while inviting new people into your life.

A hiking holiday hardly compares to a beach holiday, but that’s a good thing.

Traveling is about experiencing something new, doing something a bit wild, and giving yourself time to get in touch with the things that make you, you. How liberating it is to find that you can walk back to yourself.