Read This Before Popping Your Hostel Cherry

Large View of Before You Pop Your Hostel Cherry
I opened the shower door and came face to face with a handsomely chiseled chest.

Holy Cow!

I hadn’t realized the bathrooms were unisex and I averted my eyes in retreat to the room.  I’d been in the hostel for three days and was starting to get the hang of things.  For under $30 a night, Hostelling International Tornoto worked perfectly for a week’s stay in the city.

My nearest roommate was on a work visa from Australia and staying in the hostel while she saved money.  Bless her heart.  Around day 5, I was pulling my hair out in need of a deep sleep.

Even still, I’d say my first hostel stay was a resounding success.  I’d stay at another hostel in a heartbeat to save a few bucks, plus I had no major incidences.

I encourage readers to try things once to get a well-rounded view of their travel preferences.

Here’s a questionnaire to determine if you’re hostel material.

Pencil, paper?  Here goes!

1. You’re a Maiden sheltered in a castle during a thunderstorm.  Unbeknownst to you, they’ve tucked a pea under your bed of 10 mattresses.  You:

a) Toss and turn all night, complain the next morning, discover you’re a Princess, marry the Prince and live happily ever after.

b) fall immediately into a deep sleep with snores loud enough to make the wolves howl.

c) wake up in the Prince’s bed after a night of “sleepwalking”, marry him and live happily ever after.

2. You drop your toothbrush in the hostel shower.  You:

a) Scream, dress, and gargle your entire bottle of mouthwash on the way to buy another toothbrush.

b) You rinse it off, put more paste on it and continue brushing.

c) You can’t bend over with this hangover, so you put paste on your finger and finish the job.

 3. What would bother you more in a bathroom?

a) The lack of disposable toilet seat covers.

b) Tiny, claustrophobic stalls.

c) Sketchy wi-fi that prevents you from streaming your favorite show while you…ummm…relax.

4. What’s the perfect hostel activity?

a) A mani-pedi treatment from hot, shirtless locals.

b) A tour of the city’s main attractions.

c) Drinking games followed by a dance-til-you-drop contest.

 5. Finish this sentence. It’s all fun and games until…

a) I can’t find a decent place to get a haircut and my five o’clock shadow becomes a ten o’clock disaster.

b) The airline breaks my luggage handle and I’m forced to drag it around town.

c) I get busted trying to barter my passport for a ticket to the Jay-Z concert.

6. Have you ever flown first class?

a) Is that a trick question? Wait. Seriously, how else can you fly? Is there a better class that I’m missing?

b) Once with a flight miles upgrade.

c) *side eye*

7. The first song on your travel play list is:

a) “Glamorous” by Fergie

b) “Fly Like An Eagle” by Steve Miller Band

c) “Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men

8. You arrive at an overbooked hostel and you don’t have a room.  You:

a) Hail a taxi to the nearest Hilton.

b) You ask to sleep on the lobby couch until a room opens.

c) You get a group of girls to harbor you in their room by promising to send them your Spice Girls collector’s edition CD and dolls when you return home.

Talley Up The Number Of As, Bs, and Cs You Selected And Keep Reading.

If you chose mostly As:

It would seem like hostels aren’t your cup of (very expensive, imported) tea.  But, before you book that ocean-view suite, I challenge you to give hostels a try.  Even if you hate it, you’ll have interesting stories to tell over your weekend brunch.

If you chose mostly Bs:

Hostels are a great fit for you.  Although they aren’t ideal for a dark, quiet REM sleep, they serve their purpose.  Plus, you get to meet new people and participate in fun activities.  If you’re traveling frequently, a hostel provides the perfect option that leaves a little extra in your bank account.

If you chose mostly Cs:

Who needs a hostel!?  You’d be fine pitching a tent in an empty field and sleeping under the stars.  You know how to have fun and you have no problem getting into a little trouble.  Keep living it up – you make the world go ’round.

I hope you enjoyed the survey!  Feels good to put my Sociology degree to use. 😉

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  • Funny! I am def NOT hostel material but I definitely want to do it at least once for the experience 🙂

  • TerriLundberg

    I Love This!! Too funny. I’m clearly type A. The thought of a hostel gives me the shivers.

    • Thanks Terri! Isn’t it fun how unique everyone is? I love hearing the perspectives of other travelers and learning how their trips turn out. Those different ingredients in traveler’s soup make it taste sooooo yummy!

      • TerriLundberg

        If I ever stay in a hostel, and going to turn it into a drama travel series. 🙂

  • Sharee Washington

    It’s not my first choice, but as my answers were mostly B’s (funny one about mileage upgrade and first-class bc that’s the only way I’ve been able to afford it) it’ll be worth a shot in the future.

    • Hey Sharee! I didn’t know what to expect when I stepped foot in the hostel. As an introvert, I was pushing myself way out of my comfort zone

      Not to mention, you’re putting yourself and your things at the mercy of strangers! It was a little unnerving to think about.

      But, I’ve been learning to trust the little voice in my head. It didn’t sound an alarm and the trip went smoothly. Plus, I saved a ton on lodging!

  • Daireis

    This test was good stuff!! LOL I’m 99% hostel material! I can’t wait for the adventures to begin. =D

    • LOL! I hope you’ll share your adventures with me. I love hearing a good story. BTW, what took 1% from your perfect score?