How I Became a Traveler

Large View of Travel Agent Brochures

I didn’t set out to be a traveler.

I took my first trip to Germany 1) because my Army brother hadn’t seen anyone in his family in a year and 2) because I had the money.  While the newness of international travel was exciting, I still didn’t see myself as a traveler or aspiring to be.

It wasn’t until I had a totally unexpected awakening in Morocco, that I felt challenged to explore the world that is at my fingertips.  And the more places I encountered, the more I wanted to experience.

Traveling has been mind opening and the benefits are wonderous.

The travel bug has reproduced and its babies are jumping onto my family members.  I’ve gotten quite a few requests that I take others along on my trips.  My coworkers have started calling me a world traveler – although that title is totally undeserved.

Of all the places that I’ve experienced and the rewards that my travel has bestowed upon me, a single Facebook exchange summed up the best gift of my travels – encouraging my sister to start traveling.

In the three years since we took this cruise, my little sister has completed a semester in Spain and traveled to London.  She has plans to visit Jamaica later this year.

Sparking someone’s desire to travel is immense and it gives my travel a higher purpose.  I can hardly wait for my next recruit!

Has your travel bug infected your friends and family?

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  • Anonymous

    yes its so amazing trip would that  i ever seen.

  • Angie Myers

    Yes! Love it. For Christmas, I gave my nieces money orders to get their passports. Neither of them have ever been out of the country! I’m taking them to Cancun in June!

    • This is wonderful! You are gonna have a blast. I can’t wait to hear about this trip and their future trips. This will be the spark that starts their lives as travelers! 🙂