How to Start Traveling Now

I want to travel, but…

It’s a tragedy of words.  Inserting that “but” puts a huge bolder in front of your dreams!  It doesn’t have to be there.  You have the power to remove all “but”s from your life.

If you want to travel, go travel!  I repeat, go travel.

Photo Credit: Tom BKK

Start Now

Not sure how to start?  Take one step towards your goal.  Then take another step.

That’s it.

There is no secret to traveling often.

Call an out of town friend or relative and ask if they’d mind showing you around their city. Don’t wait, do it now!

Feeling ambitious?

Apply for a passport to travel internationallyIt takes about 4-6 weeks to get it.

Want it sooner?

Pay a premium to get it in 2-3 weeks or head directly to a local passport office if your trip qualifies.  A passport is an investment in your future and trust me, the returns are amazing.

More Inspiration

Need more inspiration?  Check out these first time travel stories, which are sure to excite you about your own first trip.  Then, take a look at these tips from travelers across the globe.

Bon Voyage!