Ten Ways To Enjoy Las Vegas Without Gambling

10 Ways to Enjoy Las Vegas Without Gambling

In a city known for casinos, it’s hard to imagine visiting Las Vegas for any other reason.

In reality, Las Vegas has lots of activities that don’t include testing your luck. In fact, you can have an enjoyable trip without ever gambling a dime.

Here are 10 ways that you can have a grand time in Las Vegas without gambling.

10. Enjoy The Freebies

From free shows to half-off deals, Las Vegas knows how to say “thank you” for your visit. Not only will you find a ton of advertised freebies, there are free attractions that you may not hear about.

Lucky for you, here’s the list.

9. Sightsee

Did you realize that the Grand Canyon is only five hours from Las Vegas? It’s a day trip to see one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Consider taking a guided tour for a more informed experience.

8. Visit a Museum

Many of the museums in Las Vegas aren’t in plain sight, so you have to explore to find them. The Neon Museum and the Mob Museum are popular among visitors and easier to find. You’ll also find fun displays like the Chihuly exhibit!

7. Eat

If you love luxurious buffets, you’re in the right city. Las Vegas knows how to serve a buffet, and you’re likely to find coupons with buy one, get one deals during your stay.

Splurge on a buffet lunch or dinner to get your fill of Las Vegas cuisine.

6. Watch a Show

Las Vegas is the place to perform and there is never a shortage of shows for visitors from which to choose. From recurring house favorites to larger-than-life concerts, the shows in this city offer tons of variety.

Find the perfect show here.

5. Shop

Shops exist for every taste and budget in Las Vegas. Visit the Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian for a shopping experience that includes much more than bargain hunting.

Check out this listing for more shops.

4. Have a Spa Day

Spas are open to the public, so compare and choose a service from among the many hotel spas in Las Vegas. Relish in a personalized massage to ease away tension from walking up and down the Las Vegas strip.

3. Fulfill Your Bucket List

If you have an adventurous side, Las Vegas is the place to make your dreams come true.

How about shooting an automatic weapon or driving a luxury, sports car? In Vegas, companies are ready to help you fulfill your wish list.

2. Party

Bring your fancy clothes and get ready for a party experience like no other. Las Vegas is the home of the “no-sleep” vacation and if you can hang, this city will show you a great time.

1. Visit the Casinos

The casinos are a huge part of Las Vegas, and their themes are fun to compare. From the flamingo habitat at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel to the lion enclosure at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas casinos have a lot of fun exhibits to share with you. And you don’t have to wager a dime!

Book your trip to Las Vegas for fun with or without gambling.

Photo by Kayren Mccluskey via Trover.com