Here Is Your Invitation To Live | TTT #73

On January 16, 2015 ten members of my travel group took a tour of the gorgeous Altos del Maria community in Panama.  For two on the bus, that beautiful mountain scenery would be their final view of the world.

The accident shook and then strengthened us, reconnecting our bonds and firming our resolve to live.  And in memorializing our travel tribe members, we realized the necessity of cramming your life full of deams.

Here Is Your Invitation To Live

To Live Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Nikki Minaj’s verse in the song Moment For Life.

First the beat caught me and then the lyrics , “I believe that life is a prize.  But to live doesn’t mean you’re alive” demanded my attention.

As I replayed their meaning in my head, they became my mantra to live life to its fullest.  To enjoy each day and to fill it with what makes you feel good.

In our reminiscing of Nneka and Nigel, pictured above, it became clear that they lived fully and givingly.

How You Must Live

James Dean said it best, “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

Fill your life with people, activities and items that make you happy.  Create long, outrageous, never-ending, seemingly impossible bucket lists.  Become your best friend and work your butt off to make yourself happy.  And put what’s important first.

Happiness is a choice.  And sometimes you have to work for it.  If you want to create the life of your dreams – one filled with travel and adventure, it’s as simple as saying yes.

Unapologetically go after what you want.  Every day.

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Of the eight survivors, some are still at the hospital recovering from surgery.  They graciously sent us smiling pictures from their hospital beds to ease our hearts and put a smile on our faces.

The Tribe has banded together to cover bringing Nigel and Nneka home; member hospital bills; flight changes; and family needs for those involved.  If you can contribute to this cause, please Paypal a donation of any size to:  Include the notation, “Panama support.”

This fund will be maintained to assist with future incidents of travelers in need.  Thank you!
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