A Love Letter To Evita T. Robinson

Love Letter Evita

Dear Evita:

I met the first Tribe member near the gate.  She stood checking for departure times and noticed my Nomadness T-shirt.  It was Amber Hinson.

Amber had arranged the shuttle to the hotel in Japan.  Little did I know, Amber would coordinate many of my Japanese adventures.

As we waited at the gate, I saw another couple of brown-skinned people contrasting against the Asian travelers.  I fought my assumption that they were part of the Tribe.

It wasn’t long before they came over, again recognizing my shirt, to introduce themselves.  Ghana and Airis.  I repeated the names imprinting them into memory.  In total, 20 plus Tribers would converge on Japan and I looked forward to a shared experience.

Japan.  Few other places are able to evoke such feelings of excitement and mystic.  Few other places have the ability to drain a bank account.  And that’s what had kept my dreams for Japan in the distant future. Even while pushing myself to be adventurous, I hadn’t reached the level of comfort to plan a solo trip to Japan.

Evita’s announcement of the Tokyo trip, crushed those limitations.

By the end of my week in Japan, I was exploring alone and thinking of a return trip. Our group stood out in temples, arcades, izakayas and comic book stores.  With a smile and a few practiced words of Japanese, we earned looks of surprise, pleasure and acceptance.  The Nomadness Travel Tribe smashes the status quo and spits on stereotypes.

I watched the sun go to sleep and awaken.  The days were long, the trip was short and friendships blossomed over sake and ramen.

Thank you Evita for stretching Tribe members and creating opportunities of exploration.  You’re helping dreams come true

I challenge those reading this post to ask themselves: Will you lead the next Tribe?

Will you create a legacy that enlightens and empowers?  Will you be brave enough to step into new territory?  When?

As the Tribe packed to leave Japan, jamming to old-school R&B, the floor started to shake.  An earthquake.  Then the rain fell from the sky creating the first gray day of the trip.  Japan threw a tantrum at our departure.

Thank you Evita from the bottom of my heart and from the hearts of others that I will influence to take steps toward a greater being.

~ Michaela

READERS:  The AWEsome Photo Highlight: Japan is coming later this week.  See you then!

  • Evita Robinson

    Wow. As tears well up in my eyes, all I can say is thank you for this. Makes everything worth it.

    • You’re welcome! I felt compelled to give praise where it’s due and share the magic of Nomadness with my readers. Cheers to many more years of travel and revolution.

  • Beautiful! I look forward to my first Tribe getaway 🙂 Can’t wait to see your pics!

    • Thanks! You’re going to Love your trip with the Tribe and I can’t wait to hear all about it!