Do You Believe In Magic? | TTT #75

Do You Believe In Magic

In 1990, a struggling actor drove his car to a hilltop overlooking Los Angeles.

Staring at those bright lights, he dreamed of what he wanted his life to be.  He took out his checkbook and wrote a check: 10 million dollars payable to himself by November 1995 for acting services rendered.  The check stayed in his wallet for five years.

By 1995, Jim Carrey had starred in Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask.  He had a cult following and was earning the millions he’d dreamed of.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Like eating in a foreign country, I’ll try anything once.  If it lowers the cost of my vacation, I’ll try it twice!

My most recent endeavors include exchanging lodging for pet-sitting, scouring mistake fare sites, vision boarding, staying at Airbnbs, and practicing the law of attraction.

If Jim Carrey can attract $10 million in acting services rendered, I can attract $10 million in traveling services rendered.

And you can attract whatever you’re bold enough to dream.

The Magic Wasn’t In The Check

Jim Carrey wasn’t blessed by his fairy godmother that night.

The true magic was how he reprogrammed his mind to create a laser focus to turn that check into reality.

Our distractions are constant.

You wouldn’t believe how many times my electronics have dinged since I started writing this article.  The pull of those alerts coupled with FOMO (fear of missing out) creates the potential for hours of wasted time.

That’s why having a focus is so important.

For five years, Jim Carrey’s check reminded him of his dreams and motivated him to go after them.

The more he thought of the check, the more steps he took to have those millions moved from the check to his bank account.

What’s On Your Check?

We all would benefit from the laser focus Jim Carrey created during that pivotal time from 1990 to 1995.  What will you focus on and how will you bring that focus to life?

Go ahead and write your checks, create your vision boards and buy a rabbit’s foot.

Tune into your passions and watch the magic happen!

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Right now we have a blank check with the ability to fill it with whatever we want.  What will you write on your check?  

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Photo © by Donnie Nunley