Use Skills You Already Have To Make Money And Travel Now

I can show you simple ways to make money and travel with the skills and resources you already have, but first I need to issue a word of caution.

We have two people inside us. 

An angel and a devil.  Both want more money to fulfill their goals.

Your good side wants to become a world renown philanthropist – going across the world spreading joy and goodwill.  The bad side wants to spend money on mind control tools to gain world domination.

I’ll share these secrets if you promise not to use them for evil.  Mean people suck!

Use Skills You Already Have to Travel and Make Money Today

 Make Money and Travel: Available Positions


Have you ever walked past a handmade item and thought of someone it would be perfect for?  Did it ever occur to you that others would also enjoy having it?

If you’re constantly getting compliments on items you’ve purchased overseas, chances are that you have an eye for design and could sell those items.

Start small.  Next time you find something amazing during your travels, grab two or three of them.  Test the waters to find out what type of feedback you get when selling these items on free sites like Ebay and Craigslist.

As demand grows, online stores like Big Cartel and Shopify offer professional online stores.


How do you look in front of a camera?

Those with an engaging and attractive personality are prime for making great videos.  YouTube is the video giant, but other sites like Snapchat and Instagram are allowing users to post shorter videos at a faster pace.

Get in the arena and share your thoughts.

Not interested in being in front of the camera?  No problem!  Use your skills to make other people look good by producing and editing videos for others.


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  ~ William Arthur Ward

Are you ready to make a difference one child at a time?  Teaching abroad is one of the most widely used methods for people who want to have extended time in another country and make money while doing so.

No matter which company you work for, teaching is a lucrative position when you’re counting your paycheck in lives touched versus dollars.  There are few positions that have such a positive, wide-reaching impact on the world.


Although many blog for fun, you can make money.  You’ll hear naysayers who don’t believe you can make money from blogging.  This opinion isn’t totally true.

As a Blogger, I’ll admit that it’s hard to make money from publishing posts on a website, but it’s not impossible if you stick with it.

Initially, advertising is the most abundant form of income – and the pay stinks.

The most successful bloggers use their blog as a platform to sell their products (pictures, books, etc.) or to get speaking gigs.  This takes more time and effort, but this is where Bloggers separate the travelers from the tourists.

Trip Planner

Are you well traveled or have friends who are?

If you enjoy working with people, planning trips is a great way to pad your travel savings account.

Start by planning trips for friends and family for practice and feedback.  They will also give you testimonials when you’re ready to start accepting paying customers.

Trip Planners need a large network of travelers, great research skills, and strong organizing abilities.  If the prospect of creating dreams come true for other people makes you feel fuzzy, give this side hustle a try.


Take note of the ooohs and aaahs that your pictures elicit.  You may have a natural eye for taking photos.  It’s super easy to polish your skills online through various free or low-cost photography sites.

Don’t buy fancy equipment.  Until you start making money from your photos, buying flashy equipment isn’t worth it.  An amazing camera won’t make you an amazing photographer.

Start small, hone your skills and create a compelling portfolio.

As your skills improve, so will your income!

Tour Guide

How many times have you taken visiting family on a tour of your city?  If you’ve been a diligent resident tourist, you know your city like the back of your hand and can show others the best sights.

If you’re able to show strangers around, you can get paid for it.

Your insider knowledge and pointers are perfect for others who are visiting and interested in learning form a someone who isn’t reading from a script.  Locals know a city more intimately than the author of a guidebook.

Use your knowledge to make some extra money.


For those with lots to say, write it down and share it.

With the popularity of smartphones, tablets and reading devices, there’s no need for a publisher and printing press.  Amazon and Smashwords allow writers to publish a book without paying a cent.  And you’ll make money with every copy sold.

They say nothing is new under the sun, but I disagree.  There is no one with your exact perspective.  Your situation is unique and therefore, your story will be unique.

Get your thoughts into a book.  We’re waiting.

Your Skill Set

Examine your life for things you’re good at and love to do.  Chances are other people are interested in gaining that skill.  If you’re interested in long term travel, use your skills to gain freelance work in another country.

Offer a few free lessons at resorts and to travelers in the area to gain exposure, reviews and recommendations.  Don’t over think it.

Your product doesn’t have to be perfect.  Learn by asking for feedback and improving as you go.

Listed above are ways to make money and travel without a) requiring a huge investment and b) taking away travel time.  There are countless articles with similar information.  You may have read a few of them.

What makes this article different is that you’re actually going to do something when you’re finished reading this.  You want to make extra money and you have the means to do so.  Get started today.

It only takes a small commitment to do one thing everyday that takes you closer to your goal.  You can do more, but no less.  Stick to it and eliminate unrealistic expectations.  It takes years for most businesses to see a profit.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.  ~Napoleon Hill

You won’t wait years for a profit because your financial investment is low.  BUT, that doesn’t mean you’ll get rich overnight, in a month or even six months.  You’ll see profit more quickly, but it will take years for you to build something you can live from.  Get started today.

Cynics will claim that there’s no money to make in many of these professions.  And they are right about the majority of folks that will read this article, try it for a few months and give up.

But for a few of you, who have faith in the possibility of doing work you love, you will make money and travel.  You will take small steps each day, and research and push forward until you reach your goals.

Let me know when you launch your business, and I’ll be the first person in your fan club.  Well, maybe second, after Mom.

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  • VacayGirl

    Love this! I’ve decided on my hiatus to take advantage of the time and write a positive affirmations book. As soon as it’s completed I’ll let you know…after mom of course.

    • LOL! I’m too excited to hear about your positive affirmations book and can’t wait to hear when it is published. If you’re looking for beta readers, let me know and I’ll also help there. Happy Writing!

  • A

    Some of those jobs do require skills that are not “you already have”. Making some money at blogging for me would be great, at least to offset the cost of travel / photography equipment. But there are also jobs that send you on travel even if you don’t necessarily do travel as a main focus of the job.

    • Absolutely! I’ve worked in several positions that involved travel and travel was not the main focus of the job. These experiences complimented my personal travel because I visited locations that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. They are great learning experiences.

      It is true that everyone won’t have the skills required for each of these jobs. I do believe that everyone currently has enough skills to try out at least one of these professions.

      The most profitable travel blogs have over 5 years of experience. To make money blogging, time is a huge factor. That’s why it’s important to start early and be persistent. Best of luck in your endeavors!