Why The Media Needs To Take A Flight TTT #64

Large View of Why The Media Needs To Take A Flight
Say it ain’t so!

Am I the only one tired of the uninformed, apathetic, fear mongering media?

Everyone working in media should be required to have at least seven passport stamps.  And throw in that they must have at least five friends living in other countries.

Can you imagine how differently news stories on Ebola would sound if anchors had friends who lived in Sierra Leone, Guinea or Liberia?

Probably less talk about invasive airport screenings and flight bans.

During the weeks after the September 11 attacks, I developed a fear of all things Middle East from watching so many negative media reports.  It persisted until I made friends with two amazing Fulbright scholars – one from Yemen and the other from Pakistan.

We have to make positive connections with places around the world so we realize that people are more alike than different – and we destroy the curse of media ignorance.

I no longer bother with the news.  The only thing it’s good for is the weather – and they barely get that right.


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