Essence Music Festival in New Orleans

Essence Music Festival

If you love music, you must attend the Essence Music Festival at least once.  Held in laid back New Orleans over the fourth of July weekend, EMF brings hundreds of thousands of music lovers together for a weekend of concerts, networking and personal enrichment.

There is something for everyone at Essence Music Festival.  Star-studded concerts are the highlight, but the festival also offers comedy and fashion shows, empowerment sessions and block parties.  I tried to do a little of everything, in addition to exploring the city that I love so much.

This was my first EMF and I can’t wait to attend another one.  I loved everything about this trip, even the rain showers – one which left me drenched.  As I like to say, what’s life if you haven’t learned to play in the rain!


Tips for Essence Music Festival:

Book Your Room Now – Want to get a decent price for your room?  Reserve your room now. 

Even with prices through the roof towards the start of EMF, rooms sell out.

Remember, you can always cancel if something comes up and you can’t go. 

Bring Your A-Game – I’m usually in comfortable clothing when I travel, but I knew that I needed to step it up a little for EMF.  Dress to impress at this event.

During a walk to the convention center, my sister and I received a surprise invitation to participate in a “street wear” fashion show.  I was even featured on!!  (Just click the arrow to see the second model – ME!)

Take Naps – I bet New Orleans didn’t sleep during the entire weekend of Essence Music Festival.

Our days started early and ended late.  To keep our momentum going, we took short naps during the day and evening.  Naps are refreshing and I didn’t feel sleep-deprived or energy-drained.

Have A Schedule – But don’t over plan your trip.  Decide which events you’re interested in attending, while leaving a little wiggle room.  Also, set some time to explore New Orleans – at least a day.

There is so much to enjoy about this beautiful city and I’m sure it’ll become a top destination for future trips.

Meet Someone – EMF is the ultimate place to network with like-minded individuals.  I enjoyed meeting some very interesting people who I’m still able to keep up with.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook make it easy to keep tabs on people that you meet on the go.

Anyone been to EMF?  What did you love most?

  • I love EMF…I haven’t been since ’09 but I hope to get back soon.  My favorite part is the people and the food. NOLA has some of the best cuisine and people watching…LOL

    • Isn’t it great! The folks in New Orleans are so down to earth and they really know how to have a good time!