The Truth: There Is No Secret to Frequent Travel

How are you able to travel so much?

I get the question frequently, but inquiring minds are never satisfied with my answer.

secret to travel

There Is No Secret

There is no secret to frequent travel.  Lack of money is the normal excuse for those who don’t travel.  Frequent travelers know that reason has no merit.

A person spends money on what is important to them.  I have friends who are regulars at pricey salons or expensive boutiques.  Other friends drive flashy cars, and tease me about my old car.  I choose to spend money on travel.

Plan a Trip And Go

If you really want to travel, just travel.  It’s that simple.  How to get started:

Increase your circle of travelers.  Their stories, photos and tips will inspire you to get moving.

Start small. You don’t have to quit your job and go pack backing across Asia.  A simple road trip with friends can make for a life-changing experience.

Keep an open mind.  Your trips don’t have to fit a cookie cutter mold.  Forego the hotel, and rent a room from a local.  Pass up on the expensive tourist attractions and fall in love with a location for its charm, scenery and culture.

Don’t let a lack of money hold you back from doing what you enjoy.  There are many ways to accomplish your goals.

Read travel blogs, get creative and happy travels.