Epic Experiences From An NYC Walking Tour

Every year people hit the gym to shed pounds before spring returns and bulky sweaters disappear.  We don’t keep those goals because the gym is uber boring! Lucky for us, Kamino has created an app that shows cool walking tours around your city and fav travel destinations.  Now you can get in those miles and have lots of fun! [full disclosure]

Here’s a guest post from a traveler who loved the Kamino app.  Read on!

NYC Walking Tour

Shortly after landing on LaGuardia Airport’s narrow runway, my friend Lela and I learned the hard lesson of not hiring a taxi service.

Upon arriving at our hotel, the Omni Berkshire Place, we fell into our beds for a quick “power-nap.”

After reviving our tired eyes and minds, we freshened up, grabbed a drink from the lobby bar and took a walk.

Trusting in my gokamino.com app, we found a fun NYC walking tour for us cultured folk: the Museum Mile Festival Tour.

This kept us from having to grab a pamphlet-oriented guide and hope we were on the right path.

My friend Lela, who insisted she join my adventure in New York City, was excited about the first stop on this list of nine.  I knew she had a passion for African art, music and dance, but I didn’t know she had an obsession.

Museum for African Art (The Africa Center)

The Africa Center’s entrance was elegant, sophisticated, earthy and original. Lela walked through their doors, ignoring the ‘Beware of Construction’ sign in front of her.

Due to the construction, a few exhibits were “off limits.”  This did not sit well with Lela until she saw their “A Congo Chronicle: Patrice Lumumba in Urban Art” exhibit. These powerful paintings showcased the timeline representing Lumumba’s story of his rise to power to his removal and execution.

The colorful and intrinsically-fashioned paintings caused Lela to cry. From Lumumba’s national election victories to the period preceding Congo’s accession to independence, each brush stroked showed power and influence.

El Museo Del Barrio

After a one block walk from The Africa Center, we entered a museum with “some flavor,” according to the ushers.

Our walking tours app had the El Museo Del Barrio marked as our second stop and we didn’t hesitate for a second. Even though Lela was already floored with emotion from the previous walking tour stop, the “Marisol: Sculptures and Works on Paper” exhibit excited her.

This was not only a fun thing to do, but an important one. Marisol exhibited 30 pieces of her work, which ranged from sculptures to works-on-paper to cast metal works. The carvings, made out of different types of wood, resembled the diversity of her country.

I was ecstatic about the postwar mentality displayed through imagery.


About the Author:  Matthew McMillan is a loving and caring husband and father of two beautiful children. He travels and writes for his profession, helping to create better experiences for future travelers and writers.

This post is one of four about the NYC walking tour.  Brilliantly composed of several attractions, this 5th Avenue cultural exploration takes first prize in our books.  In fact, tourists claim it’s one of the most fun things to do in New York City.

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photo © Eneas