Three Once in a Lifetime Travel Experiences to Make Life Awesome

Three Once in a Lifetime Travel Experiences to Make Life Awesome | Once in a lifetime travel experiences are worth adding to your bucket list to accomplish once in your lifetime. Here are some travel ideas to save up for. via @aweinclusive #Travel

The world is an incredible place, full of mind-blowing sights, activities, and opportunities.

These once-in-a-lifetime experiences open your mind to new ideas and give you memories that last a lifetime.

Unless you’re a millionaire, however, and money isn’t an option, it’s hard to fund a constant stream of jaw-dropping travel experiences.

Thankfully, all travel experiences aren’t expensive. There is a lot to gain from backpacking, road trips, or even being a tourist in your own city.

The other super-pricey, mind-boggling travel experiences are worth adding to your bucket list and aiming to accomplish once in your lifetime.

Here are some travel ideas to save up for.

Have an Awesome Animal Experience

We’ve all seen majestic animals in books, documentaries, and movies but nothing quite compares to getting up close and personal.

It could be swimming with wild dolphins in Florida, or cage diving with great white sharks in Cape TownIt could be going on safari in Kenya, or swimming with manta rays in Hawaii.

You have no shortage of inspiration across sites like Instagram and Pinterest to build a fantastic list of animal-themed activities to try. Research activities that excite you and determine how much you’ll need to save. Then you can add money to your travel savings account until you have enough to book your excursion.

Animal experiences can be expensive, but are so worth doing!

Hire a Yacht or Jet

There’s nothing more luxurious than hiring your own yacht or air charter service!

If you really want to travel in style, making exclusive travel arrangments will be one of the most incredible things you will ever do.

You could travel to a new place on a luxurious private jet, eating delicious food and enjoying drinks with friends. Or you could hire a yacht and throw a boat party or just enjoy the scenery with your partner or family.

When you’re researching your next travel destination, explore charter options to see what opportunities are available. Traveling like the celebrities is definitely a good addition to your travel bucket list!

Fly in a Helicopter or Hot Air Balloon

There’s nothing quite like flying through the sky and getting a birds-eye view of your destination to appreciate the scenery in a whole new way.

You could soar over the Las Vegas strip, peer into the Grand Canyon, zoom over the New York skyline or cruise above another city you love.

It’s a thrilling experience that you’ll remember forever.

While hot air balloon and helicopter rides are pricey, the trip is an experience you will always remember. Use the occasion to celebrate or commemorate a special event, like proposing, while you’re in the sky! 

Cheesy as it may sound, the sky is really the limit when it comes to personalizing your experience!

Amazing travel experiences are available to anyone willing to buckle down and save up the necessary funds. Need inspiration? Check out my Instagram account to get started!