Around-the-waycations: Five Reasons to Plan Your Road Trip Today

Let’s face it.  While around-the-world cruises are a traveler’s dream, they just don’t fit into our budgets.  Our travel planning focuses on getting the best vacation experience for the least amount of money.

Road trips or around-the-waycations, as I refer to them, provide just the right amount of adventure with a price affordable enough to travel often.  One step up from staycations and just a small leap down from a vacation, around-the-waycations, allow for the best of both worlds.
Road Trip


For many, the price of a road trip is unbeatable.  For a tank of gas, you can totally erase your present surrounds and find somewhere totally new.  You don’t have to worry about weighing your baggage or lugging it around, so you’re free to pack whatever you want – including food.  If you’ve secured a room with at least a microwave and fridge, you’re able to eliminate additional food expenses.


Road trips are the ultimate travel method for those who just need to get away.  You can fill up a tank of gas and drive in any direction until it is half empty or some town’s name or attraction catches your eye.  The convenience of a road trip is that you can plan as much or as little as you please.


Living in the big city has taken away my ability to see the stars in the sky.  One of my top favorite things about road trips is that once the houses and street lights begin to fade in the distance, the stars burst from their hiding places.

The highways are also the best places to see stretches of natural scenery in the form of mountains, rolling hills, trees and meadows.  The beauty of nature is sometimes hidden behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Take a road trip to reconnect with the natural world.


Unlike other methods of transportation, the more people that accompany you on your road trip, the more you save.  For families, you pay for a tank of gas and it covers the entire family.  For friends, you are able to split any expenses, and pay less all round.  Did I mention that you are able to choose or forego any layovers and everyone gets a window seat?


Road trips are adjustable and you don’t have to worry about change fees or cancellation penalties.    They leave plenty of room for error and laziness and procrastination.  This flexibility is what makes road trips fun and stress free.  If you run into traffic, pull off and have lunch or explore an antiques shop.  If you realize that you forgot about a big project that’s due next week, you can pick up and leave with minimal fuss.


Around-the-waycations allow you to experience a different atmosphere, while keeping some money in the bank.  Although you aren’t crossing oceans or exploring exotic lands, road trips provide all the benefits of traveling.  Plus, road trips allow you to embrace the charm of your surroundings that is often overlooked for the glitz of popular tourist destinations.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and start planning today!

What are your reasons to take road trips?