Why Montana’s Rapids Hold The Keys to Life | TTT #80


Montana's Rapids Hold The Keys to Life

My heart raced as our raft descended upon the crashing rapids.

I gripped the paddle struggling to stay in sync with the others. Waves pummeled the raft, freezing water splashing us with every bump. By the end of those rapids, I was cold, tired, and absolutely ready for the next set!

As we battled the Flathead River, Montana’s rapids revealed six life lessons to our crew:

Stay Ready

Many rapids you’ll see a mile away. Others are hidden until you’re right up on them. Stay ready.

Hold On Tight

Sometimes, when the water gets rough, you’ll want to abandon ship. Hold on tighter. Your comfort zone will thank you.

Work Smart

When you’re in the middle of the rapids, paddling against the flow for too long exhausts you. Learn when to paddle forwards, backwards, or when to steer. Work smart, not hard.

Keep A Good Attitude

Know that life will present its share of jagged rocks, tree limbs, and waterfalls – all able to upset your peaceful drifting. Attitude is the best life jacket. It’ll keep you afloat no matter what.

Cherish Your Crew

You are a superhero, but even Batman needed Alfred. Your friends might not be able to stop the rapids, but if they’re in the raft paddeling with you, keep them close.

Go With The Flow

Life shouldn’t be difficult. Struggles are glorified, but they aren’t necessary. Once the rapids are over, lean back and go with the flow.

If you’re listening, travel experiences like rafting alongside Glacier National Park, reveal the keys to life. Get silent.

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Photo by Great Northern Rafting