What Is Your Reason To Travel? | TTT #79

What is Your Reason to Travel

There are times when we are tempted to keep up.

Like when our facebook feed is full of travel photos and Whatsapp chats are full of discount fares.

It’s in those times that you have to remember why you travel.

Never allow your travel to be a sprint from destination to destination without any purpose.

Sure you could find an amazing time, but more likely you’ll find disatisfaction.

There are a million reasons to travel. Make sure you travel for the right one.

Your reason for traveling shouldn’t be keeping up with the Jonses. Keep travel personal and you’ll get more satisfaction from it. Every week the Awe Inclusive Travel Tip Tuesday (TTT) series motivates others to create the travel life of their dreams.  Follow us on Twitter for real time updates of our travels.  See ya out there!
Photo by Andrew Hart