Resident Tourist In The Making

Resident Tourist White House

A month after its opening, I finally made the trip down to the National Mall to visit the new Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial.

The monument is spectacular and the design fits perfectly into the theme of the Mall’s memorials.  I took a few pictures and made a promise to myself that I would return – which should be easy since the memorial is only a five minute walk from my job.

The Wonders I See Without Traveling

 Every weekday, I walk along the National Mall on my way to work. 

The Holocaust Museum is next door, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving is a minute further, the Washington monument is behind my building, yet I’ve never taken the time to visit many of these free attractions.

I’ve challenged myself to get out and visit these museums and monuments and to explore the city that I’m living in.

A Journey To Be A Resident Tourist

My goal is to become an expert of my city and I challenge you to do the same.  Each place, no matter the size, has unique treasures, history and culture.

Take some time to visit your city’s website and find the section geared for visitors.  

Regional newspapers are also a good method of finding special events that locals might overlook.  Become a resident tourist of your town to rekindle your appreciation for the piece of the world that you reside on.

I’m a vacation advocate and I’m always looking for my next big trip, but enjoying the treasures right around me is a great way to take time out and reflect on the gifts of the present.

I would love to hear your plans for fulfilling this challenge!

Are you planning a visit to Washington, DC?  Check out the “How To Survive the Washington, DC Metro System – A Traveler’s Guide.”

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  • I’d love to see DC but have no idea when, so I’ll follow along with interest here.

  • I haven’t been to DC in years. I really, really need to visit someday soon. It’s about time Dr. King got a memorial too!

    • I agree! It’s amazing that the designers were able to create something that fits in so perfectly. The memorial looks like it’s been there all along.

  • I love D.C. My extended family lives up there and I always enjoy exploring the sights.

  • I’ve only been to DC once to help a friend with something and didn’t get to see any of the sights =( I think there’s probably enough there to fill a couple of months of full-time sightseeing!

    • Hey Andrea! You’re right! The thing that I love about DC is that many sights are free of charge to enjoy! I hope you’ll return to sightsee! There are lots of great things to see and do!

  • It’s so true that you don’t see what is in your own backyard. I have lived in Lexington, Kentucky since I was 18 but had never been to Keeneland (a very famous racetrack about 2 miles from my house) until last fall. And it was great!! One of the regional magazines I write for is anxious for me to write about the small towns in our vicinity and I will…just as soon as I can stay home long enough!!

    • I have yet to visit a racetrack, but it’s on my list of “to-do”s. And your new project sounds so exciting! I look forward to reading about those hidden treasures.